I'm Not A Baby!!!

Hey, I'm Charlotte Styles. In the beggining of this book I go through my ages, until I'm 17. My brother's name is Harry Styles, ya, from One Direction. Well, now to tell you about my life, my horrible, crappy life. Then, I met Zayn.
FYI: its rated R, but, if you can handle it, then you can. Warning!!!


3. 3

*3 months later*


Charlie's P.O.V.


"El!! Where are you?" i screamed, listening through every door. I stopped at one when I heard something I wish i hadn't.

'Harder, Louis, Harder.'

"AHHHH!!!!" i screamed, running down the stairs. Zayn was the first one to run up to me.

"What, what's wrong? Did you get hurt? Tell me, Char." he said.

"Louis' room.......El...........shouldn't have heard." i said, still shuddering at the thought. Harry, Niall, and Liam ran upstairs while Zayn took me to the kitchen and made me a cuppa.

"HAHA, seems like Louis is...getting it on!" said Harry. Wiggling his eyebrows. I shuddered in disgust, Zayn glared at Harry and started rubbing my arms, hugging me. Harry started glaring at Zayn, but Zayn ignored it, carrying me bridal style to my room. We have grown so much closer, I think i'm in love with him.

"You ok? You look traumatized." said Zayn. I shook my head.

"Me and El were supposed to get married and lose our virginity on the same night." i said, sniffing. He hugged me and told me I would be okay.

"Thank you. Your a great friend." i said.

"Right, friend......" he said, a little awkward.

"What's wrong?" i asked.

"I just thought......couldn't...... I want to be more than friends." he said. Oh no, he wants to date me.

"Like, BFFs?" i asked, joking around.

"Charlie.....i mean....." he said, running to my side, getting down on one knee.

"Would you be my girlfriend?" he asked me, holding my hand. I nodded ferosciously, screaming with joy and kissing him. He picked me up and started spinning me around, still kissing me. We went downstairs, all the boys raised an eyebrow when they saw our hand linked together.

"You asked her out!?!?!" screamed Harry, obviously mad. I nodded and kissed Zayn on the cheek. Harry ran upstairs, his face steaming red. Me and Zayn started laughing at his reaction.

"Well, he didn't take that well. Let's go watch a movie." he said, we walked into the family room.

"What movie do you want to see?" he asked me, looking through the movies.

"IDENTITY THEIF!!!!!" i screamed. He laughed and pulled out the movie, putting it in the DVD player. It started and we cuddled. When we got to the car, i started to sing along with the girl.

"My milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard." i sang, and started to the little dance. We finished the movie and went into the kitchen.

"I'm hungry!!!!" screamed Niall, looking through the fridge.

"Niall, we don't have any food. We need to go shopping." i said, he whined and made a pouty face.

"No, we are NOT going to Nandos. We have already gone every day for the past week." i said, slitely annoyed with the idea of portugese food.

"Please?" he asked, with a pouty face.

"No. Me and Zayn will go to the grocer's and all of you stay and play FIFA or sometin'." i said, grabbing my keys and phone. Me and Zayn headed over to my Range Rover.

"You know, I always thought girl would own a convertable or someting. But, your different, and you own a Range Rover. That's why I like you." said Zayn.

"AWWW!" i said, giving him a kiss on the lips. We got in and drove to the grocer's. We bought enough food, 5 full carts. The cashier looked at us funny, but then recognized us and realized that we had Niall in our house. We put it all in the car and drove home.

"So, what do you want to do when you grow up?" he asked me.

"Well, I want to do anything to get out of here." i said, I didn't want him to know that my real dream is to become a singer.

"Cool, even if you have to be a stay-at-home mum?" he asked.

"Sure, if I get to leave this place." i said. We finally arrived and Niall was sitting at the kitchen bar, waiting for us to come home and cook.

"Here ya go Niall." i said, passing him a bag of chips. He smiled gratefully and started to munch on them.

"I swear, if he was a girl. I would suspect that he is either 1) on his period all the time, or, 2) is pregnant." i said, laughing at the thought.

"Maybe boys can get their periods. Well, Niall. It may make more sense." he said, laughing at the thought too.

"It does make sense." i said, we both looked at each other, and full out laughed, rolling on the floor.

"Come on, sweety. Let's go upstairs." he said, holding out his hand for me to take it. I took it and we went upstairs to my room. El and Louis walked out of his. I glared at El and she looked at me all confused. She knows what she did, so she shouldn't look all inoccent. She looked down, probably realizing that i must have heard, and went downstairs with Louis.

"Babe, i don't think you should be mad at he for forever. It was probably in the heat of the moment." said Zayn, grabbing my hand and pulling me into my room.

"I reallly like your room. You must really like music, huh?" he asked. I nodded.

"So, you're a virgin?" he asked me. I nodded again.

"I may seem like a bad ass, but, I wanted to save this for my one-true-love. But, I think I have found him." i said. Looking towards him, his eyes growing dark with lust.


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