I'm Not A Baby!!!

Hey, I'm Charlotte Styles. In the beggining of this book I go through my ages, until I'm 17. My brother's name is Harry Styles, ya, from One Direction. Well, now to tell you about my life, my horrible, crappy life. Then, I met Zayn.
FYI: its rated R, but, if you can handle it, then you can. Warning!!!


2. 2

"Charlie! You have to meet these boys! They are so sweet!" said El, once I walked into the family room.

"Really? Ok. Leggo." i said, pulling her to the couch.

" 'Ello, my name is Charlotte Christina Styles. Im 17. And my ol' good fo notin brother is Harry." i said, basically introducing myself to them.

"Well, Charlotte, my name is Louis and i'm your ol' good fo notin brother Harry is my best friend." said some kid with stripes.

" 'Ello Louis." i said, nudging El. My hint for her saying that they would look cute together. She started to blush.

"Well, me name is Niall and I LOVE Nandos and anyother food." said some kid, stuffing his face with chips.

"Ay, those are my favorite. Give 'em back." i said, chasing him around the house. I finally cornered him and jumped on him, knocking him down, grabbed the chips and sprinted back to the family room. I sat down and everyone was gapping at me, again.

"What? Did I do something?" i asked.

"No, it's just, no one has ever taken food from Niall. It's nearly impossible." said Harry.

"Well, no one messes with me, your 'little sister'. Right El?" i said, El nodded. She told them about the time where we were about to get mugged, i cornered the guy until the police came. He was arrested with a broken arm and a busted lip.

"Wow, I'm not gonna mess with you. That's for sure. My name is Liam." said some kid who shaved off his hair. I nodded and pulled my hair out of it's bun. The boys stared at my hair.

"What?" i asked.

"I know I used to make fun of your hair, but, how did Mum let you do this?" asked Harry. After he left, i dyed my hair a baby blue, my mum didn't like it at first, but she had a worse reaction when she saw my tattoo.

"She wasn't happy at first, but she had a worse reaction with my tattoo." i said, this kid, with a blonde streak through his hair, his eyes widened.

"You have a tattoo? So do I, well a few. My name is Zayn." he said, I nodded and he asked to see it. I said he can't, its for my boyfriend's eyes only. Even though I don't have one right now.

"Where is it?" asked Harry.

"Let's say. You are never going to see it." i said. All of their eyes widened, except El, she knew where it was, but she's never seen it.

"Ok, who's up for some lunch?" asked Harry. Niall was the only one who said yes. They both went to the kitchen. Louis and El went outside and started talking, Liam got up and went to go and call his girlfriend. Me and Zayn were the only one's left in the family room.

"You wanna see my room?" i asked him. He nodded, he was kinda hot. We headed up to my room.

"I like it. You into music too?" he asks. I nod.

"So, come here." you say, patting the space on the bed.

"Tell me, who is Zayn?" i ask.

"Well, my full name is Zayn Javaad Malik. I'm 19 years old, i have 1 older sister and 2 younger sisters. I'm from Bradford and I can't dance for my life." he answered.

"Hmm, maybe i can help you with the dancing." i said, i go my Iphone and put on some music.

"What do ya want to learn?" i ask, he said slow dancing. I put on Breathe by Taylor Swift.

"Come here. Ok, so your going to put your hand on my hip, and use the other to grab my hand. Now, follow me." i said, we started slow dancing, he was a natural. Sure, he stepped on my toe once, but, he was really good. I looked up at him the same time he looked down, our eyes locked. There was a twinkle in his eyes, my mom told me about that, she said that only happens when someone is in love, does he have a girlfriend?

"Did you feel that?" he asked. Did he mean that connection.

"The connection? If so, yes." i answered. He nodded, can this be happening? He started to lean in, and so did I. Then someone cleared their throat behind us. We turned around, it was Harry.

"Lunch is ready. If you want?" he said. We nodded and headed down stairs. El and Louis were all loovey dovey. Holding hands and everything.

"Whooh, did I miss something?" i asked, gesturing towards them.

"We're kinda dating now." said El, like it was no big deal.

"What!?! And when did this happen?" i asked/

"When we were outside." she said, still looking at Louis with love. Awww, if only I can find love like that. Maybe Zayn can........ wait, what am I saying? Do I like Zayn?


Zayn's P.O.V.


I only met her a few hours ago, but I think that I already like her. But, i think that Niall likes her too. I need to fight for her.

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