remember me?

A girl called Lilly is Louis best friend and she gets hit by a car one day and forgets him can Louis gain her trust again?


2. the guys

 I yelled "get away from me" as Louis came closer he stared and then I saw tears flood from his eyes "are you okay?" I asked being polite he nodded and walked out. I sat and watched the room for a few minutes when Louis walked in with a doctor and four other guys with him I watched him slowly. " this is harry zayn niall and liam okay do you remember them? "  I shook my head and began to cry Louis nelt down next to me and said "Don't cry love it's not your fault"  he wiped my tears and smiled at me




what do I do this is my best friend and she can't remember me I feel like im so alone so forgoten will she ever remember me?


My point of view


I wish I knew these guys they seem so cool and they say they know me but do they really? Do I trust him? Do I trust them?

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