The Lost Can Once Again Be Found (1D)

Welcome and for those who haven't read "I'll be yours if you'll be mine" this is a sequal to that book so i would recommend reading it.
In this book Marley Snow will be traveling through think and thin to save not just herself but her brother and her one true love Louis. Marley is doing all she can to run away from her past and keep the ones she loves safe even if it means getting herself killed....


9. Chapter 9


I stood there as Louis held a wedding ring in his hand and looked at me. 

"Louis I don't know what to say." i said

"Say yes." he said, I still just stood there looking down upon Louis.

"Yes, Yes!" i said as he took the ring out of the box and slid it onto my ring finger, it felt ice cold against my bare skin ; once Louis put the ring on my finger he got up and gave me a hug taking me off of my feet. Then the door flew open and my father stormed into the room.

"That's enough of that, now Marley come with me we are leaving." 'dad' said.

"Fuck you, I'm not going anywhere with your crazy ass." I said backing up. He stepped forward and started to laugh.

"I have been nice with you now please do not ruin it." he said

"Look I don't want to go anywhere with you." I said going behind Louis.

"It doesn't matter if you want to or not, I am your father and you will do as I say." he said

"Correction you WERE my father, you have lost the right to even call yourself that. You are nothing but a pathetic old man, and you're crazy to think I would go with you." I said and then he lunged forward taking Louis down but with just enough time for me to move. He sat on top of Louis and started to hit him in the face repetitively, I looked around the room and saw in the dark dusty corner there was a 2 by 4. I ran as fast as my legs would go and I grabbed the wood swinging it high over my head and bring it down with a "BANG" as it collided with my father's head, he fell sideways off of Louis and onto the ground either dead or knocked out cold but I wasn't going to stay that long to find out. I looked over at Louis as he wiped blood from his nose. "Let's go" and he grabbed my arm running out and closing the door behind us locking it in our go. We were to the staircase when I saw Dylan sitting there with his knees pulled up like a little boy who dropped his ice cream in the warm summer sun. As Louis and I got closer he lifted his head up and stood up looking at us.

"Marley?! Where's dad?! And why is the prisoner out?!" Dylan yelled.

"Dad? HM? You really think that the unconscious man in the other room is our father? You really think that he cares about you? Well wake up Dylan because no one is ever going to care about you, you are just a scared little boy, and you have the gall to even tell someone that you care about them?? You have no feelings you are just a selfish inconsiderate piece of shit that will say anything just to make someone trust you." I said and he looked at me and wiped away a tear that had fallen down his cheek. "Now give me the keys." i said holding my hand out and he reached into his pocket and pulled them out and handed them over. "Goodbye Dylan" I grabbed Louis's arm and we ran out the front door. Parked in the front was Louis car, I got into the driver's seat and Louis got into the passenger's seat.

"Are you sure that you can drive?" Louis asked.

"Yes lets just get the hell out of here and find the boys." I said starting the car and stepping on the accelerator.

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