The Lost Can Once Again Be Found (1D)

Welcome and for those who haven't read "I'll be yours if you'll be mine" this is a sequal to that book so i would recommend reading it.
In this book Marley Snow will be traveling through think and thin to save not just herself but her brother and her one true love Louis. Marley is doing all she can to run away from her past and keep the ones she loves safe even if it means getting herself killed....


2. Chapter 2


After I ate a little bit of the bread that Zayn gave me I decided to move from my spot and take a shower. I undressed my self and got in feeling the warm water on my back, I washed my hair and my body and when I was done i got out. I hadn't put a towel on the sink before I got inside so I had to get one out of the cupboard, I pulled out a towel and two fell down, i bent down to pick them up. One of the towels was stained, stained with red blood..... Marley's blood.... I bundled the towel up in my hands and started to think about that night. I remember holding Marley in my arms as we raced to the hospital, I remember how when she first woke up that I was the first person that she saw. The night of the concert when Taylor came back with us and Marley slept in my room, in my sweatshirt, in my bed with me. When we kissed in the rain after Harry betrayed her, how I was there for her when she felt like she didn't have anyone. When I held her tight when I gave her a hug afraid that she would slip out of my grasp if i let go for a slight moment. Then I felt the tears slide down my face, I looked up from the towel and looked up at my reflection in the mirror, I used the other towel and wrapped it around my waist as I stood there starring at me reflection.  Just then there was a knock on the door and the thoughts of Marley subsided I opened up the bathroom door to see Harry.

"We have a concert tonight , it starts in an hour." Harry said looking at his watch.

"I'm not going." I said 

"You have to go Louis!" he said

"I don't have to do anything." I said

"Louis please for the band , for our fans !" he said

"Where is the concert at?" I asked

"The same place as the last one." he said

"Now I really don't want to go." I said as I started to close the door when Harry held it open with his hand.

"Look Louis we have all been very kind with you for the past 6 months, but you need to get your head out of your ass and wake up. Shes gone and she isn't going to come back! You know that just as much as I do! You need to move on get back out there and live your life, you didn't even know her very long or very well just because she is gone doesn't mean you can just sit on your ass and feel sorry for yourself! " he said. "No one else was going to tell you this so i thought I would" he said with a quieter voice.

"I'll be out in 20" i said closing the door all the way.

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