The Lost Can Once Again Be Found (1D)

Welcome and for those who haven't read "I'll be yours if you'll be mine" this is a sequal to that book so i would recommend reading it.
In this book Marley Snow will be traveling through think and thin to save not just herself but her brother and her one true love Louis. Marley is doing all she can to run away from her past and keep the ones she loves safe even if it means getting herself killed....


17. Chapter 17


"Harry how could you?" Niall asked me from across the living room. I ignored him and continued to look out the window. 

"Niall, back off for a minuet." Liam said sitting down next to me, he leaned forward and I could feel him starring at the side of my face.

"It's the only way..." i mumbled.

"What?" Liam asked.

"For us to be free and settle our debt." 

"What are you talking about?"

"I have to marry her..."

"What do you mean marry her?! She's going to be marrying Louis!" then i stood up and looked a him.

"You think I don't know that?! You think i like this? Making her mad and Louis mad too? Cause I don't, this is the only way to get her fucking father off of our asses! Before we all get killed."

"Maybe you could just tell him that you did, but don't." Niall suggested.

"No, he said he expects a full out wedding and invite."

"Then marry her, have a wedding and get divorced so she can be with Louis."

"Liam you don't understand. I have to do this, i have to break them up and marry her. I have to.."

"You don't have to do anything."

"If I don't we will all be dead, do you not understand he will kill us, her included." I raised my voice.

"So this is the only way? You marry her and we are free? We don't have to worry about him? "

"Yes, we can go around and feel free, we don't have to watch our backs all the time. We don't have to worry about anything happening like what happened before." 

"We would break their hearts..." Zayn said.

"They really are in love, after everything that they have went through the past months. To still be together, to still love each other as much as they do, as much as they show it." Liam said

"You think I don't know this?"

"So how do we do it? Break them up?" Liam said

"Can we just tell them? Whats going on?" Niall asked

"No her dad said I have to make her fall in love with me, full out love. We can't tell them, not Louis or Marley." i said

"Would he know if we did?" Zayn asked.

"He said he would, so for all i know he's telling me bullshit or we are-"

"Being watched... Is it bad that we know?"

"I don't think so, he didn't say anything about keeping it secret from you. Only Marley and Louis."

"So we have to break them up the hard, painful way? We have to force someone that is in love to fall in love with someone else?" Niall asked

"Yes." Liam said understanding everything now. "Its the only way." 

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