The Lost Can Once Again Be Found (1D)

Welcome and for those who haven't read "I'll be yours if you'll be mine" this is a sequal to that book so i would recommend reading it.
In this book Marley Snow will be traveling through think and thin to save not just herself but her brother and her one true love Louis. Marley is doing all she can to run away from her past and keep the ones she loves safe even if it means getting herself killed....


13. chapter 13


I am not quite sure where i am, but i know that i have got to be close to my house. i can hear the city in the distance. I reached into my pocket and took out my cell phone, i flipped it open and called Harry, it rang for a while before it answered.

"Hello?" harry said

"Harry! its Liam, are you okay?" i asked

"I am fine and with Niall, where are you?" he asked

"I'm on Johnson street" I said.

"I'm close i'll come and get you in 5." he said and then hung up, i waited and soon enough harry and niall pulled up , i opened the door and got inside. 

"How did you guys get away?" i asked

"He.... he let us go." he said

"Let you go??" i asked confused.

"Yes, as long as I do something for him." he said slowly.

"DO what?" i asked.

"Marry Marley..." he said quickly.

"But she is dating Louis!" i exclaimed 

"yes i know... but it is the only way that we will be free.": he said. i sat back in the car and didn't talk.



When we got Zyan all calmed down we got him in the car and we headed back to Louis's house. when we pulled in we saw that there was a car in the driveway..... maybe they are home, or maybe trouble.....

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