The Lost Can Once Again Be Found (1D)

Welcome and for those who haven't read "I'll be yours if you'll be mine" this is a sequal to that book so i would recommend reading it.
In this book Marley Snow will be traveling through think and thin to save not just herself but her brother and her one true love Louis. Marley is doing all she can to run away from her past and keep the ones she loves safe even if it means getting herself killed....


1. Chapter 1


6 months, 10 days, 4 hours, 16 minuets, and 45 seconds since I left Louis and ran away with Dylan. But I know that what I did was right and that they are safe and sound at home, and maybe Louis moved on found someone else and forgot about me completely. My phone rings at least once a day with a phone call from him but I don't answer, maybe he will think that I am dead. That would be a good thing in a way, I miss him like crazy. For the past 6 months the only person that I have had contact with is Dylan and same goes for him, we don't go anywhere with out each other. As of right now we are living in an abandoned house in upper U.K. We never stay anywhere for long with the fear of getting caught. Nights are the worse, just because they let my mind wonder to places I try to keep locked when i'm awake. They allow me to see Louis, and every memory we have together, but then I see how hurt he must have been when he woke up and read my first letter, I wake up after that and try not to go back to sleep. I haven't slept in days with fear of having to go into the past.

"Marley are you okay?" Dylan asked walking over to me and sitting on the ground beside me.

"Yeah why?" I asked

"You're really quiet." he said. "You were thinking again, weren't you?"

"I always think" I sighed. 

"When was the last time that you slept?" he asked

"What?" I asked

"It must be a while, the bags under your eyes are huge. Why don't you get some sleep and I'll keep a look out on things." he said

"I can't sleep." I said pulling my knees up to my face and resting my chin on them. 

"You need to Marley its not healthy for you to stay awake for days in a row, especially if we have to run out of here and you don't have any strength." he said. "So please for me just try to sleep."

"Okay" I said laying down on the cold stone ground, i pulled over my pillow case with clothes in them and rested my head against it and closed my eyes.



"Louis, come on you have to eat." Zayn called to me

"I'm not hungry." I said

"Louis you haven't moved from that spot for days, and you are starting to stink." he said

"Your humor does not amuse me and i would appreciate it if you didn't try to joke with me. Not now." I said and then I heard him walk up to me, i felt the heat from his hand as he rested it against my shoulder.

"I miss her to" he said

"I don't just miss her, I need her. What if she got caught what if her father is-" I stopped myself as I felt the tears wet my eyes and fall down my cheek.

"She made her choice, shes a smart girl she knew what she was doing when she left. She didn't leave because of us or you, there was nothing we could do to stop this. And because she is so smart i have a strong feeling that she is fine, and it is better if you just believe she is. But do please at least eat a piece of bread or something." he said setting a plate down on the table. I ignored it and continued starring out the window from the windowsill that i was sitting on. 

"Shes out there somewhere , and I am going to find her." I said, and then i realized that I was talking to myself.

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