Sweet Coffee

Job partners Riley and Cameron work at Sweet Café, until the boss decides to close it. Their feelings towards each other grow bigger, until Cameron's ex-girlfriend decides she wants him back. Riley lives with her grandma, and she hasn't known anything about her parents in 12 years. She decides to tell Cameron all she knows about her parents when Cameron's mum is at the hospital. What happens when Cameron persuades Riley to go find them? Will their love make it through all these struggles?


1. Prologue



I remember my first day at work in a coffee shop. Sweet Café it was. Me, stepping out the door, my grandma wishing me good luck. Me, walking to the shop. Me, entering the shop. I remember how nervous I was, luckily, my partner, Cameron, helped me. He introduced himself, and made me feel more relaxed. My first costumer, a blond woman dressed in black, with his 5-year-old son. Since then, everything worked just fine at the coffee shop. Until 3 weeks ago. The boss decided to sell the shop, so you could tell that Cameron, and I, and all the workers were fired.

You know, ever since Cameron and I introduced ourselves, 4 months ago, I have really enjoyed going to work. Plus, sometimes after our shifts on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays we go together to watch a movie, or grab something to eat, or just walk around the park. He is such an amazing guy, he is the type of guy that would make me happy. He does, actually. He makes me forget what I was about to say. He makes me smile just by looking at me. He is perfect in every single way. His blond hair, his blue eyes, just him. He is way too funny, and he is really intelligent. Of course, he doesn't feel the same way towards me. He still hasn't met my grandma. My mum hasn't been with me lately, so grandma has to be like my mum. Actually, none of my parents have been with me for most of my life. I have to say, my grandma is my role model. Raising your granddaughter for 12 years, ever since she was four? Huge.

Anyways, the shop closed and we were all standing outside, watching Mr. Jackson lock the door. I looked down and sighed. There goes my first job.




We were standing outside the closed coffee shop. We were all kinda sad. This was a job I actually liked. Especially because of my partner, Riley. Every Mondays, Tuesday, and Thursday, I was excited to go to work, just because I got to see her. And sometimes after work, we'd go out, just as friends though. I didn't like that concept very much but she liking me as a friend is better than she not liking me at all. But, God, she was so beautiful. Her long, brown, curly hair and her olive green eyes. Her perfect smile. She was just beautiful. She was also smart, and funny.  When she looked at me, she took my breath away. If only her parents saw her, they would be so proud of her. I don't know her grandma, and, of course, I don't know her parents either. All I know is that they have lived in Switzerland since Riley was four years old. But that wouldn't bother my parents. Definitely, Riley is the kind of girl they would love as a daughter-in-law.

So, we were all standing on the street in front of what used to be the Sweet Café. Riley was standing beside me, I looked at her, and she looked at me. We both forced a smile. Mr. Jackson walked away, followed by the all the workers, including us. I wanted to invite Riley for an ice cream or something, but I really wasn't in the mood, and I figured neither would she. So we both just went home.


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