Sweet Coffee

Job partners Riley and Cameron work at Sweet Café, until the boss decides to close it. Their feelings towards each other grow bigger, until Cameron's ex-girlfriend decides she wants him back. Riley lives with her grandma, and she hasn't known anything about her parents in 12 years. She decides to tell Cameron all she knows about her parents when Cameron's mum is at the hospital. What happens when Cameron persuades Riley to go find them? Will their love make it through all these struggles?


14. Chapter thirteen



Since I met Riley, I can't stop thinking about her. Ever since she opened her door, until we were walking back to her house. I noticed she was really cold, so I decided to give her my jacket. I took it off and placed it on her back. She looked back smiling, and when she saw me, her smiled wanted to disappear, but she forced it to stay there. I smiled at her and then looked down. I didn't know when she turned back around, all I know is that when I looked back up, she was facing the front. I silently sighed and kept walking.

Upu forgot about her boydriend, I said to myself, she likes him, not you. He will kill you when he realises that you handed her your jacket. That's his job. You know what? I don't care. If it was his job, he would've done it.

Suddenly, a voice interrupted my conversation with myself.

"Are you okay, dude?" It was Cameron. Then Riley and Zoey turned around, and Riley looked at me with certain worry.

"Yeah, yeah;" I stuttered.

"You're kind of pale," Riley added.

"I'm fine," I insisted. I was not fine. We finally arrived to her house. I was getting really dizzy, so as soon as Riley opened her door I rushed to sit on the couch before I fell down.

"Hey, what's up?" Kurt whispered as he and Zoey sat next to me on the couch.

"I'm just a little dizzy. I'm okay," I lied. I was very dizzy, and I was definitely not okay.

Riley and Cameron arrived to the living room, and Riley gave me my jacket back.

"Thank you," she moved her lips without making any sound while I took it. I smiled at her, then she sat down on the couch next to Cameron. "Wanna watch a movie?" she asked us.

"Alright," we all said.

She walked upstairs and came back down seconds later with a movie in her hand.

"What are we watching?" I asked feeling better.

"I thought maybe you'd like to watch Despicable Me," she said with a sweet tone in her voice. We all smiled, and Riley played the movie.

I looked to my right side, there was Zoey, and to my left side there was Riley. And next to her, Cameron. And god knows where Kurt was, suddenly we appeared next to Zoey, and I figured he had gone to the bathroom or the kitchen, I don't know.

We were all laughing like crazy, and before I realised, the movie was already ending. Suddenly the screen turned black and the white credit letters started to appear. We all streched our arms and legs, and Zoey and Kurt said they were going home. So just the three of us were left. Awesome.




"Hey, I think I'm just gonna head home," Cody said when we were all searching for something to eat in the kitchen.

"Are you sure?" I asked. "You're invited to have dinner if you want to," I added trying to be polite. Plus, I liked him He was nice.

"Yeah, thanks. I'm gonna have dinner with my mum."

He walked to the door, I opened it for him and he walked out.

"Thanks for inviting me today, Riley. I had a good time," he said smiling.

"Anytime," I said winking at him.

"Bye, Cameron, nice meeting you," he said to Cameron.

"Bye, dude. Had a great day," he replied. Cody started walking home and I slowly cloed the door. We headed back to the kitchen and continued to look for food.

"Found some spaghetti," I informed him. I took it out and put it in the microwave.

"You know?" Cameron broke the silence. "I liked him."

"Me too, he's nice, isn't he?"

"Yeah," he replied as he started walking closer to me. "But you should know," he said in a suspicious but cute way, then he put his hands on the fridge on both sides of my head, "you're still mine..." he sang. Then he got closer to me until his lips touched mine. Every time he kissed me, it just felt right. Everything felt right. I put my arms around his neck and we both pulled apart to smile, but still close enough to feel each other's breath. When we kissed, I just didn't want it to end.




I was walking back home, but I couldn't resist. I walked back to look through the kitchen window. I saw them talking, and the next thing I knew, they were kissing. I looked down and sighed. I didn't want to see them, I honestly didn't like that image, at all. When I looked up, they were smiling. Damn, why can't I be him? I just, I mean, why did I care so much? I just met her. I just met her...

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