Sweet Coffee

Job partners Riley and Cameron work at Sweet Café, until the boss decides to close it. Their feelings towards each other grow bigger, until Cameron's ex-girlfriend decides she wants him back. Riley lives with her grandma, and she hasn't known anything about her parents in 12 years. She decides to tell Cameron all she knows about her parents when Cameron's mum is at the hospital. What happens when Cameron persuades Riley to go find them? Will their love make it through all these struggles?


7. Chapter six



I woke up and took a bath. Then got dressed and went downstairs to have breakfast with Grandma. I wore a white dress with a jean jacket and my blue Toms.

"Where are you going today?" Grandma asked when she saw me.

"I'm gonna hang out with Cameron," I answered.

"On a date?" She asked casually.

"No," I said with a look that said the opposite.

"Oh." She simply said. "I liked him."

I smiled as I walked to the fridge to get orange juice.

After I finished breakfast, I went to brush my teeth and put on some makeup. I didn't know at what time he would pick me up, so I texted him asking my question. He replied right away. "In about 30 minutes".

I waited on the living room while watching TV, the grandma walked into the room to let me know that she was leaving. "Alright," I said calmly.

"Where's Cameron?" She asked. I looked at my watch and half an hour had already passed.

"He'll be here soon," I replied.

She left, and I kept waiting. I waited. An hour passed. An hour and a half passed. I called him. No answer. Two hours passed. "He isn't coming." I said to myself.



A/N: Another short chapter. Sorry guys :( I'll keep writing. Please favorite, like and comment what you think xx



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