This story is about a small, blonde haired girl called Melody. She used to live in London but when her dad got a job offer he couldn't refuse they move to a small town called Thertin in the Rockies, America. Melody thinks her life is officially over Thertin was pretty much non-existent it didn't even have a Starbucks and it's nearest shopping centre is forty-six miles away. What she doesn't realise is that a certain boy-band has decided to take a break and thinks Thertin is the perfect location after all it is pretty much non-existent. They want to escape all the paparazzi, the fans, the fame. And lucky enough Melody isn't a fan but can they convince her otherwise?


9. Chapter 9 - Bored

I had no plans for the weekend.

   Doesn't that sound pathetic? Olivia and Grace where away on family outings. Grace, a friend of Olivia who had an irreverent attitude to life and I particularly liked her because she was only a shade taller than me.

   I collapsed onto my bed staring out my window at the distant mountains. Olivia had talked of a path that you could take up through the town and into the forest that partly surrounded the town. It sounded OK if I had nothing better to do, I guess I could go exploring. I hadn't been anywhere other than the school, the local walmart and home. It was kind of depressing when you thought about it.

  I sorted through my drawers eventually pulling out a grey hoodie which I slipped on over my white skinny jeans and turquoise Gap top.

   I then grab my bag and scarf which I wrap round me to protect me from the chilly air. Taking one last look at the mountains I slip out the door.

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