This story is about a small, blonde haired girl called Melody. She used to live in London but when her dad got a job offer he couldn't refuse they move to a small town called Thertin in the Rockies, America. Melody thinks her life is officially over Thertin was pretty much non-existent it didn't even have a Starbucks and it's nearest shopping centre is forty-six miles away. What she doesn't realise is that a certain boy-band has decided to take a break and thinks Thertin is the perfect location after all it is pretty much non-existent. They want to escape all the paparazzi, the fans, the fame. And lucky enough Melody isn't a fan but can they convince her otherwise?


5. Chapter 5 - Nerves

   that night I unpacked my suitcase into the old chest of drawers Dad had helped me line with wallpaper; it still smelt musty and the drawers stuck, but I liked the faded white paint job.

   I found myself wondering what me first day of school would be like. I'd seen plenty of films about American schools and was feeling more than a little insecure about my first day. Surely normal American teenagers got spots and wore crappy clothes sometimes? I'd never fit in if the movies turned out to be true.

   I spent a long time choosing what I'd wear on my first day at school, I eventually settled on a pair of skinny black jeans and a snug-fit jumper with a Union Jack on the front. Might as well accept what I was.

   Still, it did not stop me being scared of the unknown that was tomorrow.

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