This story is about a small, blonde haired girl called Melody. She used to live in London but when her dad got a job offer he couldn't refuse they move to a small town called Thertin in the Rockies, America. Melody thinks her life is officially over Thertin was pretty much non-existent it didn't even have a Starbucks and it's nearest shopping centre is forty-six miles away. What she doesn't realise is that a certain boy-band has decided to take a break and thinks Thertin is the perfect location after all it is pretty much non-existent. They want to escape all the paparazzi, the fans, the fame. And lucky enough Melody isn't a fan but can they convince her otherwise?


4. Chapter 4 - New Things

I looked up as the car drew to a halt and the engine fell silent. I was half asleep so it took me a while to remember where I was. New house new town. Moving on. Moving in. 'What do you think?' my dad called as he got out of the small very British red mini that he'd had shipped over from England and threw his arm dramatically towards the house. Pointy roof, clapboard walls, and grimy windows- it did not look promising. 'Isn't it brilliant!' My dad exclaimed although the words in my head where more along the lines of 'gloomy', 'wreck' and 'rotten'. But my dad wasn't seeing any of it 'I mean look at those shutters- they must be original. And the porch! I've always fancied myself a porch kind of person, sitting on my rocker and watching the sun go down.' Having lived with him all my life, I'd long ago accepted that my dad was probably very off his rocker.

   We entered the house and took a look around it wasn't as bad as the outside. The paint was managing to stay on the walls and the floor wasn't that squeaky. I poked my nose in the rooms upstairs, finding a turquoise one with a queen bed and a view of the famous High Rockies. Had to be mine maybe this wouldn't be so terrible.

   I used my fingernail to scratch paint splashes off the old mirror over the chest of drawers. The pale solemn girl in the reflection did the same, staring at me with her dark blue eyes. She looked ghostly in the half light, her long blonde hair curling in unruly tendrils around her oval face she looked fragile. Alone. Prisoner in the room through the mirror; an Alice who never made it back through the looking glass.

   I thought back to the boys on the plane I felt kind of, guilty now I hadn't meant to snap at them. I wasn't normally like that I normally was incredibly shy I just wasn't in a very good mood at the time. With all that said they still where annoying, but at least I didn't have see them ever again.


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