This story is about a small, blonde haired girl called Melody. She used to live in London but when her dad got a job offer he couldn't refuse they move to a small town called Thertin in the Rockies, America. Melody thinks her life is officially over Thertin was pretty much non-existent it didn't even have a Starbucks and it's nearest shopping centre is forty-six miles away. What she doesn't realise is that a certain boy-band has decided to take a break and thinks Thertin is the perfect location after all it is pretty much non-existent. They want to escape all the paparazzi, the fans, the fame. And lucky enough Melody isn't a fan but can they convince her otherwise?


12. Chapter 12 - Breakfast

I woke up to the sound of dad clattering about in the kitchen. I got up slipping on my dressing gown and fuzzy slippers then shuffled downstairs.

   'Good Morning!' my dad exclaimed, I ignored him shuffling slowly over to the breakfast table. I hated mornings with a burning passion, I was more of a "stay up all night then suffer the consequences" kind of person. Unfortunately my dad was most defiantly not. He was a strong believer of getting a full nights sleep and then annoy the heck out of me the next morning with his bright and cheerful attitude.

   My dad set a plate of pancakes on the table and I eyed then hungrily, grabbing the syrup and smothering the pancakes in it.


   Once I had finished breakfast I ran up and got changed. I hadn't forgotten about the people from yesterday but I was hoping to not ever see them again although I knew the chances of that happening in a small town like this was virtually nil.

   I changed into a pair of sweats and an oversized hoodie I planned on doing absolutely nothing today, except watch TV and maybe bake some cookies.

   I was looking forward to that when my dad barged into my room and grabbed my arm 'come on we're going to be late!'

   I stared at him in confusion 'late for what?'

   'There's a music program on at the community centre and you're going.'

   No way was I going back there not after what happened yesterday 'but da-'

   'no buts you're going and that's final.'

   so much for not pushing me to play in front of people. This was going to be a disaster.

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