This story is about a small, blonde haired girl called Melody. She used to live in London but when her dad got a job offer he couldn't refuse they move to a small town called Thertin in the Rockies, America. Melody thinks her life is officially over Thertin was pretty much non-existent it didn't even have a Starbucks and it's nearest shopping centre is forty-six miles away. What she doesn't realise is that a certain boy-band has decided to take a break and thinks Thertin is the perfect location after all it is pretty much non-existent. They want to escape all the paparazzi, the fans, the fame. And lucky enough Melody isn't a fan but can they convince her otherwise?


11. Chapter 11 - Insecurities

*Hey Guys! Sorry I haven't updated in absolutely ages. I've been really busy and then I went on holidays for two weeks, were there was no Wi-Fi. It was criminal.

Anyway I'm going to try and update more regularly since it's the Summer holidays. (no school!!!) Hope you enjoy this chapter. :-)*


I ran all the way home, ignoring the strange looks I got from strangers as I flew past them. I stopped just outside my front door, as I just felt all my insecurities flooding in. I had never played my music in front of anyone, I preferred to play to an empty room; it was about being a part of the music, taking the notes and working the magic to weave a spell. When playing for others, I was aware of them, judging me, one mistake could destroy the whole thing. That's why I never played for anyone, not since my mum died.

   When she was sick she would ask me to play for her, she said it made her feel better. Then she died. I always felt that maybe if I'd played better she could of held on a little bit longer. I knew I was being ridiculous though the only thing that could of helped her was medicine.

   But I'd never played in front of anyone after that, and I'd even stopped playing piano for a year of two, but my love for it had driven me back. Although nobody really knew I'd started playing again, except dad but he never mentioned it. He knew it was a sensitive part of my life.

   And now I'd unknowingly played to, not one but five strangers. I felt insecure in all aspects of my music, and the music I wrote was never meant to be heard. It was for my ears and my ears only.

   I opened the door and walked down the still unfamiliar hallway once I reached my room I collapsed onto my bed not even bothering to change or turn out the lights, the country air had exhausted me and I didn't want to deal with my warring emotions. In seconds I was asleep.

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