5 Seconds Is All It Took

My name is Ally, everyone knows me as Liam Payne's girlfriend. We've been together 4 years and we were always happy. Everyone thought we were unbreakable and the it couple but after I met Luke that was a big lie. All it took was 5 seconds for everything to change.


5. Chapter 4


"LUKE!" I screamed. We both moaned as he picked up his pace and our hips met again. It felt amazing and as we both reached our climax I couldn't have been happier. Luke has been making me happier than Liam has in months. We've been having an affair for just over a month. I know I shouldn't have been doing this to Liam and I really didn't want to hurt him but Liam and I have been having problems for months.    "I'm back!" I shouted as I stepped into our apartment. "In the kitchen babe!" I walked into the kitchen and saw Liam standing making dinner. "What are you cooking?" "Chicken curry, the boys are coming round soon as well as Calum, Michael, Ashton and Luke." I honestly think I froze. "W-why?" I finally stuttered. "For some bonding, it's better for when we go back on tour to have a good relationship." "Oh, i'm just gonna go change." "Ok, don't take too long." I walked to our bedroom quickly and as soon as I got in I dialed Luke's number. "Did you know about this dinner?" I whispered. "No! Cal just told me." "What are we gonna do?" "Just act like we're friends and try not to be too close so nobody suspects anything." "Ok, gotta go. See you soon." I hung up before he could reply so I could change. I walked to the wardrobe and picked out a black dress that went mid thigh and had no straps. I took out red heels and put on my hair straighteners. While I waited for them to heat up I put on makeup. I straightened my hair and checked myself over in the mirror before walking back out. Zayn, Harry, Niall and Louis were already there. After a few minutes the door bell rang and I walked to answer the door. All the boys walked in but Luke was the last to step in. "Are you purposely trying to give me a boner?" He whispered in my ear. "Just trying to look nice," I replied. "You sure as hell are doing that but i'm gonna have to try to control myself." I slapped him over the back of the head and walked into the kitchen to help Liam.    After dinner Luke, Calum, Ashton and Michael asked us to go clubbing. I was the only one who accepted and Liam was actually ok with it. We walked outside and got a cab. "Finally i'll get you to myself," Luke whispered in my ear. "Easy there tiger, we've gotta wait till later," I whispered back.  'I'm gonna crash at Roxy's we caught up at the club. C ya 2moro. Luv ya ;)' I texted Liam as I walked out of the club with Luke. The rest of the boys had gone back to their hotel a little bit earlier but we stayed so they wouldn't suspect anything.    "Luke! Get up! We've gotta get to the O2!" Calum shouted as he walked into the room. We both shot up in the bed. "Oh my god! You two! Again!" "It's not what it looks like!" "You slept together again! Do you remember last time!" "Yeah it was yesterday before dinner," I mumbled. "No! Oh my god!" "Shut up! You can't tell anyone. We've been having an affair for a while." "But Liam!" "Shhh! He can't know!" Everything was about to get complicated.
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