5 Seconds Is All It Took

My name is Ally, everyone knows me as Liam Payne's girlfriend. We've been together 4 years and we were always happy. Everyone thought we were unbreakable and the it couple but after I met Luke that was a big lie. All it took was 5 seconds for everything to change.


23. Chapter 20

Listen to this while reading this chapter!!...it's the last chapter but i'll post the sequel in June



  "Andy do you still have a key to Liam's apartment?" I asked as soon as he picked up. "Yeah, why?" "I need to get in. I left some stuff there." "Come round and I can give it to you." "Thanks, i'll be there soon." I hung up and put on my shoes. I got in my car and drove to Andy's apartment. "Thank you so much," I said as soon as he opened the door. "No problem." "I'll be back soon with it."    'Liam...we had so many good times together as well as bad times but we always got through it. I'm so sorry I cheated on you, that I hurt you. I've always loved you Liam and I probably always will...but because I love Luke too I can't choose between you two. I don't want to hurt either of you so i'm leaving. I always knew you were going to be famous and i'm so proud of what you've achieved with the boys. I'm going to start over again, by the time you read this i'll already be at the airport about to go to New York. Just don't forget I love you Liam Payne, forever and always. Ally x'   'Luke...i'm so sorry i'm doing this. We had so much fun together and i've enjoyed being with you but I have to leave. I love you Luke but I love Liam too and I couldn't choose between you. You're going to be a superstar someday, I just know it. Don't give up on your dream, you're amazing but I don't want to hurt you. I know if I chose Liam you would be heartbroken and if I chose you he would be heartbroken so i'm leaving. While you're reading this i'll already be at the airport about to go to New York. I'm so sorry but don't forget that I love you Luke Hemmings. Goodbye baby. Ally x'   I packed the last of my things into my bags and sat on the bed quietly sobbing to myself. I heard a knock at the door and I knew who it was. I opened it and Eleanor walked in. "I've got your boarding pass here and I booked you into a hotel for a week while you get on your feet." "Thank you so much El. I'm gonna miss you." "Are you sure about this Ally?" "Yeah, I can't hurt them anymore. I've cause too much pain already, it's time to move on." "I'll miss you too. Promise to stay in touch with me." "Of course I will and with Perrie too. You girls have been with me through everything, i'm so glad to have friends like you two but I need to get to the airport. Will you drive me?" "Of course I will."    Liam's p.o.v I read the letter again and I just knew I had to go after her. I quickly called Louis and he pulled up outside within minutes. "Take me to the airport. I need to stop her!" He drove off quickly.   Luke's p.o.v "Ally i'm back," I said opening the hotel room door and walking in expecting to see her but what I saw was a letter with my name on the front in her hand writing. I read the letter before running down the stairs of the hotel and jumping into our car. "Take me to the airport!" I shouted to the driver. "Quickly!"    Liam's p.o.v I jumped out of the car as soon as Louis pulled up outside and I ran inside. I checked the screens for the flight to New York and ran through the airport. "I'm afraid we can't let you past sir," the security man said to me. "You don't understand, I need to stop the girl I love leaving. Please!" "I can't sir!" "I'll give you a thousand pound if you just let me through!" "Fine! Go!" I ran straight past him and looked for gate 50. It was just up ahead...   Luke's p.o.v I ran inside and looked at the screens. Gate 50, I ran through and soon I met some security. "I can't let you through sir." "But I need to stop the person I love leaving!" "I can't help you sir, I already let someone through who didn't have a pass for the same reason." "Was he kinda tall with brown hair in a bit of a quiff?" "Yes." "You've gotta let me through! He loves her too and I need to get her to stay! Please!" "Fine! Just don't tell anyone about this." "Thank you!" I shouted as I ran past him towards the gate.   Ally's p.o.v I was sitting on a bench by my gate, I couldn't think straight. How did I end up here? How did my life become so fucked up? "Ally! Ally!" I heard my name being shouted. I turned around and Liam was running toward me. "What are you doing here?" "You didn't think i'd let you leave did you?" "I need to leave Liam, I can't stand hurting both of you anymore. I can't do it." "Just kiss me, one last time." He pressed his lips to mine and I kissed back but only for a second because I heard Luke's voice. "So you did choose someone then?" "No I didn't. It was just a goodbye kiss." "Is that what you call it?" "It was nothing Luke. I'm leaving and you're both going to have to move on." "What if I don't want you to leave?" "That doesn't matter, i'm leaving." "Then give me one last kiss." "Fine." I walked towards him and we kissed. I couldn't help but feel upset. "I love you, never forget that but I have to go Luke. You'll find someone who's right for you someday." I walked towards Liam and hugged him. "So will you, you'll find someone who can give you kids, someone who can love you and only you. But just don't forget what we've been through and that I love you." "Flight 12 to New York now boarding at gate 50," said the woman over the intercom. "That's me," I sniffled picking up my bag and walking towards the desk. I turned around and blew one last kiss to the two boys that I loved. I started walking away and thats when I heard Liam shout "I love you Ally Walker!" And then Luke "I love you too Ally!" I weakly smiled and held in more tears as I boarded the plane, leaving what was once my life and the most important people in my life behind, already falling to pieces because 5 seconds is all it took for my whole life to change.
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