5 Seconds Is All It Took

My name is Ally, everyone knows me as Liam Payne's girlfriend. We've been together 4 years and we were always happy. Everyone thought we were unbreakable and the it couple but after I met Luke that was a big lie. All it took was 5 seconds for everything to change.


22. Chapter 19


Go with someone is like make out with someone but it's the british/irish way of saying it.      "I can't do this anymore Eleanor, they'll be back tomorrow and I still haven't made a decision." "You need to take time to think about everything, how you feel when you're with each of them. Everything you've been through together, who you love more." "I'll call you back later," I said hanging up. I threw myself back on the bed and thought back to the first day I met Liam.   "Will you go with my friend?" A boy with curly hair asked me. "Which one? Lion hair or cute guy?" "Cute guy." "Why not," I shrugged as I walked away from my friends. "Liam!" He shouted. The guy with Justin Bieber type hair looked our way. "She said yes!" We walked towards the two guys and soon we were both pushed behind subway. Soon we were making out but after a while we pulled apart. "Want to go on a date sometime?" He asked me. "I'd love to. I'm Ally by the way." "Liam." "Give me your phone so I can put my number in and we can arrange something." I handed him my phone and he handed me his. "I'll text you sometime," he said as I walked away. That was the start of our relationship.   "This is Calum, Michael and Ashton," Niall said as he introduced me to the three australians in front of me. "Hey, i'm Ally." "Oh that's Luke," Niall added as another boy walked into the room. "Hi." "Hey." We all talked for a while and I got along with Luke the most. If I wasn't with Liam at the time I would have went straight for him but I ended up with him anyway.    "Hey babe," Liam said wrapping his arms around me from behind. "Hi," I replied cheerily. "Hi girls," he said to my group of friends. "Are you still coming over after school?" He asked me. "Yeah." "I'll meet you at your locker." "Ok." "We have the house to ourselves," he whispered in my ear before kissing me on the cheek and unwrapping his arms from my waist. "See you all later," he said walking away.   "Hi baby," Luke whispered in my ear before throwing me over his shoulder and running to the pool. "PUT ME DOWN!" I screamed hitting his back. "Nope!" Soon I was underwater, I popped back up and he was standing at the side of the pool laughing. "Cunt!" I shouted. "You love me really!" I started to swim towards him. "Help me out," I said. He bent down and held out his hand. I grabbed it but pulled him in with me. "You're going to get it," he said when he came above water again. "Oh really?!" He pushed me against the wall. "Yeah," he breathed against my lips. They were millimeters apart and I thought he was going to kiss me but he pulled away. "Luke," I whined. "What?" He said. "Kiss me." He moved towards me again and we were once again millimeters apart but he pulled away again. "What are you playing at?" I asked. "Nothing." "Then neither am I," I said before shoving my hand down his shorts. "Ally!" He hissed. "Not here!" "Who's going to stop me?" "If I kiss you will you stop?" "Maybe." "Fine." He crashed his lips against mine and I wrapped my legs around him. "Maybe we should go upstairs," I said in between kisses. "Yeah, walk in front of me. I don't want people to see my friend down there." I just laughed before we got out of the pool and rushed upstairs to finish off what we started.    "El, i've made a decision," I said as soon as she picked up. "Who'd you pick?" "I need you to do something for me and then i'll tell you." "Ok, what do you need?"
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