5 Seconds Is All It Took

My name is Ally, everyone knows me as Liam Payne's girlfriend. We've been together 4 years and we were always happy. Everyone thought we were unbreakable and the it couple but after I met Luke that was a big lie. All it took was 5 seconds for everything to change.


16. Chapter 14


"Stop Liam!" I said as I pulled away from him. "I can't do this, I can't do this to Luke." "Then why did you kiss me back?" "Instinct..." "Just go, you obviously care more about him." "I love both of you Liam." "Then choose who you want to be with." I sighed before leaving the room.    "I can't do this anymore Perrie. I don't want to hurt Luke but I love both of them. What should I do?" "Ally I remember being told that if you love two people to choose the second because if you really loved the first person you wouldn't have fallen for the second." "I practically did that last time, why is my life so fucked up?" "I don't know Ally but just try and make a choice."    "Liam this has to stop. I can't do this to Luke. I can't cheat on someone again. I'm sorry but you need to move on." "I don't want to move on. You are who I love and I always have loved you." "Then why did you push me away when you had me?" "I didn't!" "You did! You didn't talk to me for so long and you practically stayed away from me near the end. If you hadn't pushed me away I might still be yours." "Then come back to me. We can make it work." "We can't Liam because I don't love you," I lied. "Just let me live my life and move on. Someday you'll find someone who will love you like you need to be loved but that person isn't me." I walked away from him before he could say another word and I couldn't help but feel upset.   "I'm not going to tell Luke that I ever cheated or had doubts about our relationship so please keep it to yourself Perrie." "I will, are you sure you made the right decision though?" "I honestly don't know but there's no going back now," I sighed before throwing myself down on the bed. "Why is my life so fucked up?" I asked. "I don't know Ally." "I wish I could just leave it all behind and leave." That was one of the only bits of truth I said that day and I still couldn't stop thinking about Liam...   "LUKE!" I screamed as I dug my nails into his back probably leaving scratch marks. "FASTER!" I shouted. That's what he did, he went faster and soon we both reached our climax.  "Wow...that was...wow," I said as I lay on my back staring at the ceiling. "Yeah," he replied. I pulled the sheet up to fully cover me and sat up to look at him. "I needed that," I said. "So did I." "We've both been so stressed lately. It was good to just forget about everything for a while." "What were you stressed about?" "Nothing important." "It must have been something if you were stressed." "It was just trying to be friends with Liam but I shouldn't have been stressing." "Did you guys become friends again?" "Sort of." "I'm sorry if I pulled you two apart." "Don't be sorry. If I hadn't met you I would probably be with him and unhappy." I lay down beside Luke and wrapped my arms around him. "Do you want round two?" I whispered. I felt him grin before he pulled the sheet off me and once again he was inside me.
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