5 Seconds Is All It Took

My name is Ally, everyone knows me as Liam Payne's girlfriend. We've been together 4 years and we were always happy. Everyone thought we were unbreakable and the it couple but after I met Luke that was a big lie. All it took was 5 seconds for everything to change.


12. Chapter 11


"You're just a little bit out of my limit, it's been 2 years now haven't even seen the best of me..." I sang along to my iPod as I got dressed in the hotel room. I was meeting Eleanor and Perrie for lunch since we were all good friends. Suddenly I felt arms wrap around my waist. "I like it when you sing my songs," he whispered in my ear. "It's sexy," he added kissing my neck. I pulled his arms off me but he was too strong and quickly had me facing him with our faces inches away. "Where do you think you're going?" "For lunch with El and Perrie." "But I want you for myself, it's been weeks since we had any alone time." "I know Luke but we arranged this days ago. Just wait til I get back, besides you don't have a concert tonight. And who knows, maybe i'll call into Victoria's secret on the way back." "Perfect," he whispered against my lips kissing me passionately. I snaked out of his grip and grabbed my red vans from under the bed. I quickly put on my leather jacket before checking myself in the mirror. I put on a bit of lip gloss and stared at my reflection. "You look great as usual babe," Luke shouted from the bathroom. "Thanks, gotta go. Love you," I shouted bag while grabbing my bag and walking to the door. "Love you too."    "So he said he doesn't want to move on and then he kissed you?" El asked. "Yeah, but the worst part is that I kissed him back." "Oh Ally! Did you tell Luke?" Perrie questioned. "No, it would destroy him. Besides, I pulled away and I told Liam I couldn't do that to Luke. But he turned it on me saying that it never stopped me before!" "Just try and forget it happened." "But it's hard El, after what he said in the interview about the song and then that I just...I don't know anymore." "Try to ignore him and focus on Luke, it's him you chose, not Liam. And you love him." "You're right Perrie, that reminds me! I've gotta stop in Victoria's secret on the way back." "Ohhh," they both said in unison. We giggled and soon left the cafe, heading for Victoria's secret.   "Wake up guys!" Michael shouted. I groaned and snuggled closer to Luke in the bed. "Aww...the lovebirds are tired." "Fuck off Michael! I have a headache!" "And this is a failed attempt at waking up Ally and Luke." "Luke we have a show in 2 hours and we have to be at the arena in an hour for soundcheck," Michael said. Luke groaned and sat up. This fully woke me up and I sat up too. "Agh!" I shouted. "What's wrong babe?" "I'm sore." "It's no wonder! I think you guys kept everyone in the hotel awake last night," Michael said. "Fuck off Michael, we hadn't been together in weeks." "Clearly." Luke got out of the bed and went to the bathroom. "Luke!" "Yeah!" "Can you take me in some pain killers?" "Sure." Typical me to drink too much and be left hungover and unable to move because I was fucked too hard. "I need to pee but I can't get up." Luke walked over, wrapped the duvet around me and carried me to the bathroom. He sat me down on the toilet and walked outside. When I was done I called him back in and he helped me get changed. He carried me back to the bed and soon him and Michael left, leaving me on my own. I decided to check twitter so I grabbed my phone from the bedside locker and logged in. I noticed Michael had tweeted a link to a keek and opened it up. There it was, me and Luke lying in bed. I pressed the reply button and typed: @Michael5SOS i'm gonna get u back for this... I then tweeted: stuck in bed with a hangover and a sore body :/ thanks to @Luke5SOS I drank too much last night. Still love you tho xx He then replied: @AllyWalker not entirely my fault but I have a hangover too :( love you xx I replied: @Luke5SOS it is your fault but I let you get drunk too so we're even. Have fun today xx I then put my phone back on the nightstand and watched some tv.
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