5 Seconds Is All It Took

My name is Ally, everyone knows me as Liam Payne's girlfriend. We've been together 4 years and we were always happy. Everyone thought we were unbreakable and the it couple but after I met Luke that was a big lie. All it took was 5 seconds for everything to change.


24. A chapter but not continuing on...


This is how Liam felt during the whole affair thing and kind of everything else. Recommend listening to Cry by Kelly Clarkson when reading this.   Liam's p.o.v I stood beside her with her hand in mine. She was barley holding on and I knew why. She's been distant lately, she's moving on.    I felt the bed dip a bit as she climbed back in. I can't believe she actually thought I wouldn't notice her getting up. Now I know it's someone close to me. She cuddled into my side with her arms barley around my waist.   I stopped talking to her that much after that and even slept on the spare bed in the rooms. Of course she just thought that I was being distant, which I was but I just didn't want to be bothering her when I already knew there was someone in my place.    "She's having an affair Zayn, I know it." "Are you sure?" "I know she's been leaving at night and she's been distant lately." "Then fight for her, show her you love her." "But I know she's already moved on, there's someone in my place and I want to know who it is." "Tell her the truth Liam, tell her you know." "No, I can't do that. I need to make her jealous." "That's not the answer Liam." "To me it is, she's with someone on this tour and I need to know who."    As soon as I saw her the next day when she was saying goodbye to everyone to go back to London I noticed her hold on her hug with Luke longer and that's when I knew it was him. I had to put my plan into action.   The girl I met last night walked out of the room and I walked out soon after. I knew he would tell her if he saw and she would be hurt just like I was. I did the same for the next few days, different girl every night. Hoping she found out.   "I CAN'T TAKE ANY MORE OF YOUR BULLSHIT!" "What do you mean?" "You haven't properly talked to me in almost a month, you've been sleeping on the spare bed in the hotel rooms for weeks and you just keep ignoring me!" "Maybe i'm fed up with your bullshit too!" "My bullshit! I've done nothing wrong!" "OH YOU HAVE!" "DO YOU KNOW WHAT LIAM I'M DONE! I CAN'T LIVE LIKE THIS ANYMORE!" "Hi sweetie!" I heard my mum Karen's voice call from the front of the house. "Act like everything's ok," I whispered to her. "NO I WON'T ACT LIKE EVERYTHING'S OK LIAM! FUCK YOU AND YOUR PROMISE RING AND YOUR FUCKING BULLSHIT!" She took off her promise ring and threw it at me. "Whats going on?" my mum asked. "It's none of your business," she snapped. "DON'T TALK TO MY MUM LIKE THAT!" "FUCK YOU LIAM!" "I can come back later." "Yeah you can so please leave." She turned and walked away. "This hasn't been working for months Liam, we both know you've had a few one night stands and i've gotta admit i've been having an affair for nearly 6 months." "How did you know about me? I know you've been having an affair and I know it's with Luke." "I have my sources! How did you know about me and Luke?" "Do you think I didn't notice you sneaking off at night when you came to visit me on tour or that I didn't notice him always on the phone, I even noticed how you've been dressing up more and going out!" "At least Luke treats me better than you!" We shouted back and forth for at least another half an hour. "THOSE TEXTS YOU SENT HIM ARE DISGUSTING!" "HOW DID YOU SEE MY TEXTS?" "I KNOW YOUR CODE!" "YOU DIDN'T THINK THOSE TEXTS WERE DISGUSTING WHEN I WAS SENDING YOU ONES JUST LIKE THEM!" "We're back!" I heard my mums voice again and this time there was more footsteps. Soon my mum, Ruth and Nicola appeared in the living room. "DO YOU KNOW WHAT LIAM! I LOVED YOU ONCE BUT NOT ANYMORE! I LOVE LUKE AND I WANT TO BE WITH HIM SO WE'RE DONE!" She walked past everyone and left the house.   When I saw her the next day kissing him in what was once our room I felt like bursting out crying but I couldn't. I had to make her think I didn't love her either but I knew I was a dead man walking. She was gone, I was broken and there was nothing I could do about it. Even when we kissed before this it didn't feel the same and now I knew she was gone for good. She has someone else, she loves someone else. It was 4 years down the drain and it killed me inside.   It had been 6 months since she left me but I still loved her, I always did. She had started talking to me again and after agreeing to be friends I tried to kiss her. I told her but that was months ago and now we were alone backstage in the dressing room. Luke, Calum, Ashton and Michael were on stage, the rest of the boys were running around somewhere and now it was just us. She looked so beautiful and I felt useless, sitting beside her knowing I couldn't have her. "Ally, I still love you," I blurted out. She turned to look at me but before she could say anything I pressed my lips to hers. At first she didn't do anything but then she kissed me back. She was first to pull away. "Liam! I can't do this! I'm with Luke!" "Never stopped you before." "Well it's stopping me now! I love Luke and i'm happy with him. Why can't you accept that?" "Because I still love you! I let you get away when I knew but I should have listened to Zayn, I should have fought for you!" "Then why didn't you?!" "Because I knew you loved him! I knew you had moved on! There was no point! But now sometimes I wonder if love is worth fighting for.Then I remember your face and i’m ready for war." "Cry me a river Liam! Why are you only saying this now?!" "Because I didn't realize what I had until it was gone." "I can't do this. You have to stop this Liam. I'm happy with Luke." "Fine, but just don't forget what we had, how we felt for 4 years, everything we went through. Was it really all worth letting go for someone you've known for a year?" She walked out when I said that and I knew she didn't want to answer, she didn't know the answer to my question.    'Liam...we had so many good times together as well as bad times but we always got through it. I'm so sorry I cheated on you, that I hurt you. I've always loved you Liam and I probably always will...but because I love Luke too I can't choose between you two. I don't want to hurt either of you so i'm leaving. I always knew you were going to be famous and i'm so proud of what you've achieved with the boys. I'm going to start over again, by the time you read this i'll already be at the airport about to go to New York. Just don't forget I love you Liam Payne, forever and always. Ally x'   I read the letter again and I just knew I had to go after her. I quickly called Louis and he pulled up outside within minutes. "Take me to the airport. I need to stop her!" He drove off quickly.I jumped out of the car as soon as Louis pulled up outside and I ran inside. I checked the screens for the flight to New York and ran through the airport. "I'm afraid we can't let you past sir," the security man said to me. "You don't understand, I need to stop the girl I love leaving. Please!" "I can't sir!" "I'll give you a thousand pound if you just let me through!" "Fine! Go!" I ran straight past him and looked for gate 50. It was just up ahead. She was sitting on a bench by the gate. "Ally! Ally!" I shouted her name. She turned around and I was running toward her. "What are you doing here?" "You didn't think i'd let you leave did you?" "I need to leave Liam, I can't stand hurting both of you anymore. I can't do it." "Just kiss me, one last time." I pressed my lips to hers and she kissed back but only for a second because she heard Luke's voice. "So you did choose someone then?" "No I didn't. It was just a goodbye kiss." "Is that what you call it?" "It was nothing Luke. I'm leaving and you're both going to have to move on." "What if I don't want you to leave?" "That doesn't matter, i'm leaving." "Then give me one last kiss." "Fine." She walked towards him and they kissed. "I love you, never forget that but I have to go Luke. You'll find someone who's right for you someday." She walked towards me and hugged me. "So will you, you'll find someone who can give you kids, someone who can love you and only you. But just don't forget what we've been through and that I love you." "Flight 12 to New York now boarding at gate 50," said the woman over the intercom. "That's me," she sniffled picking up her bag and walking towards the desk. She turned around and blew one last kiss. As she walked away I shouted "I love you Ally Walker!" And then Luke "I love you too Ally!" She weakly smiled and that was her gone, from both of our lives for good. We both sat down on the benches and cried on each others shoulders, we loved her and we knew we would never see her again.
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