Remember the past

Crystal is your average 19 year old girl, but when she runs into her old best friend the famous Harry styles will he remember her from their childhood years ?? And will love spark ?? Or will everything go wrong...


1. Summer time

I watched the clock waiting for it to strike 3:00 then the bell would ring and it will be summer. Mr. Smith was talking about the revolutionary war....I think. I dont know and i dont care. All i want is that stupid bell to ring. *RINGGGGGGGG* Mr. Smith sighed. "Ok have a nice summer kids DONT GET ARRESTED!" The kids in the room laughed Mr. Smith was the funny teacher in the school only one who cracked jokes while the other ones gave lectures. I grabbed my stuff and ran out the door teachers yelled at me to slow down but technically it was summer break and i didnt have to listen to them any more. i rushed out and felt the warm summer breaze. 'CRYSTAL!!" I heard a thick irish accent call after me. i turned around to look at my best friend Sufia. She moved to chesire a few months ago from ireland. About everyday on twitter we would get asked by fans if i knew harry and if Sufia knew niall. Well i used to know harry but i dont think he remebers me now well he hasnt communicated with me since he went on the x factor WITHOUT saying goodbye. Sufia never knew niall though even though she always wished she did. Harry changed his number because i think the fans got a hold of his old one i think. I didnt even try twitter because he gets like A BILLION TRILLION tweets everyday. "Crystal." Sufia was now right in front of me bending over gasping for breath. She finally caught her breath and stood back into upright position.She smiled widely, what is going on..." I HAVE GOOD NEWSSSSSSS!!!" She screamed."WHAT IS IT SPIT IT OUT." I screamed back getting really excited. "WE ARE GOING TO CALIFORNAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" She screamed doing jazz hands. 'OMG REALLY!" I have always wanted to go to californa!!!!! 'YEP AND WE ARE STAYING IN A HOUSE RIGHT ON THE BEACH!!" I was so excited now!!! "OMG WHEN ARE WE LEAVING!" i screamed. 'TOMORROW SO LETS GET OUR FAT ASSES PACKING!!" As she jumped into the passenger side of my convertible. I jumped into the driver side and sped off to our houses.

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