Summer of 1967

Mary Anne is seventeen years old she needs a sense of adventure in her life and boy! does she find it


1. This is the end

I looked out the window life seemed, so boring to me it was summer it was hot. I was listening to The Doors my favorite band every song of theirs expressed every emotion I was feeling then suddenly I heard my mother's voice from downstairs she was yelling for me to turn it down. I felt misunderstood by the way my name is Mary Anne I am seventeen years old I'm not going  tell you how I look you figure that out to my mother's point of view I was a strange child who had strange taste in music she didn't understand that times were changing she grew up during world war II so she thought that I had to be raise the same way her mother raised her , very proper and honestly with no voice of her own but I grew up in the 60's when teenagers started to go against the rules and had a voice of their own . Vietnam was going on and like everyone else I was tired of war and the message it was sending to our youth . Mother once described me as a hippie I didn't know what that was apparently someone who revolves around peace and who is against non-violence she hated these so called "Hippies" for leading a hippie movement.


I was a "hippie" sure I could live with that ,I was an only child but I always wanted to have brother's and sister's ,my childhood was very lonely .Mother was a single parent she always claimed my father had abandoned us he left when I was two I don't have any memories of him maybe for the best. I lived in a small town in Oregon right next to the ocean ,so far summer of 67 was very interesting I had tried a new drug called LSD not sure how new it was but for me it was really new. It was supposed to alter my thinking and it sure did. It was a summer I was sure to remember for the rest of my life ,I felt like my head was going to explode all my thoughts seemed to go in circles .

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