Summer of 1967

Mary Anne is seventeen years old she needs a sense of adventure in her life and boy! does she find it


4. odd feeling

    Jenna and I decided to hang out at the beach again but we had a special place where we used to surf . It Had been five Months since I had surfed it was a hobby for me I loved it  but I just stopped going and I didn't remember why surfing made me feel good the air hitting my face felt amazing . I put on shorts and a long t shirt and got my surfboard and headed towards the beach when I got there I saw Jenna standing near a bench smoking I whistled at her and when she spotted me she had a huge grin on her face she ran to me and gave me a huge hug she always greeted me like that. we  headed towards our spot and I took of my shirt and shorts I had a polka dot bikini underneath it reminded of the song "she wore an itsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini ' I sang in my head, I got my surfboard and ran towards the ocean and I completely felt free . I surfed for almost three hours when I notice it was starting to get dark outside it was barely 5 in the afternoon but in Oregon it always got dark early . Jenna was wearing a backpack when I noticed she took out a bottle of wine she told me she had stolen it from her parents cabinet , apparently her parents were huge drinkers I didn't know much about Jenna's  home life only that her mom and dad fought a lot and they didn't care if Jenna got home or not. We drank almost half the bottle and it was full when she stole it she wanted to celebrate about almost graduating and starting a new life with her boyfriend who she mention asked her to marry her it all seemed silly to me but I didn't tell her I just kept my thought to myself. Before I knew it we were both drunk and she kept telling me how beautiful I was and how I was her best friend for life it was quite funny to say the least .


   She then leaned it to me and looked me in the eye and gave me a kiss I of course was shocked when I pulled away she just stared at me and went for it again this time she deepened the kiss . It was a very odd experience that we both knew was never going to happened again.


   I woke up with a horrible headache, the air was cold but it felt nice I looked around and I realized we had slept in the beach .Jenna was still sleeping I threw a little bit of water at her when she got up right away yelling that the water is cold. She looked at me and smiled Of course we remembered what happened last night I made out with my close friend looking at her I started feeling kinda weird about it she looked at me said "hey its all good were still friends " obviously we were still going to be friends but it still felt very awkward . But that didn't seem to matter Jenna and I both liked to experiment so the more I thought about it wasn't such a big deal. Jenna teased me saying she didn't know I was such a good kisser and honestly it made me uncomfortable . We said goodbye to each other and I walked home with my surfboard remembering how stupid I acted.

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