Summer of 1967

Mary Anne is seventeen years old she needs a sense of adventure in her life and boy! does she find it


2. New Face

It was raining outside which wasn't something new , but something caught my attention someone was moving in across the street from me . My old neighbors had moved out about a month ago their house was quite big it had been sitting there for what seemed like an eternity, I notice a short woman with blond hair carrying furniture inside the house she was followed by a tall man with a weird looking moustache he was rather handsome he looked a young Cary Grant . I saw a young girl who looked to be about ten or eleven , she looked sad I imagined she was their daughter . Then my eyes lost focus and turn their attention to the boy who was carrying a guitar he was very good looking he had long brown hair and I could not make out the color of his eyes they looked blue by the expression of his face he looked pissed off .


Feeling like a stalker I put the curtain down , I was hungry I hadn't eaten all day I went down expecting to see my mother and for her to start bitching at me for not coming down all day .She was gone probably running some errands in town I decided to make myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and to watch some TV but I could not fool myself I couldn't stop thinking about the boy I had seen earlier , I wondered why he looked so pissed off he looked like a California boy maybe he had moved from there and was hating Oregon I kept thinking of reasons of why he was mad . Interrupting my thoughts I heard a knock at the door for a second I thought it could be the mysterious boy ,but it was a very familiar face it was my friend Jenna I hadn't seen her since school ended so I was excited to see her ,she hugged me tightly and started kissing me on the cheek I hated when she did that .Jenna was such a fun, care free person to be around she was little shorter than me but she was a beauty she had long curly blond hair and gorgeous blue eyes she was a hippie like me so we would often experiment with different drugs that were popular in the 60's . My mother thought she was a bad influence on me but she thought all my friends were a bad influence . Jenna kept telling me about everything she had done since the last time I saw her , Jenna and I were very close but I didn't consider her my best friend just a good friend . Jenna started dating this surfer dude named Jeff I was surprised he did not seem like the type of guy she would date , she often would go for the musicians but that was Jenna for you wild yet confusing . I told her about the boy who moved across the street as usual she started teasing me saying I was in love , but of course I wasn't I barely knew him well I didn't know him at all. Jenna wanted me to go and introduce myself to him but I wasn't the kind of person who went and knocked on peoples door's so that was out of the question. I looked outside it had stopped raining she asked if I wanted to go with her to the beach I agreed to go I needed to clear my thoughts and stop thinking about the new neighbor .

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