Summer of 1967

Mary Anne is seventeen years old she needs a sense of adventure in her life and boy! does she find it


3. lost soul

      I got back from the beach it had started raining again ,I said goodbye to Jenna I thought that by going to the beach I was going to forget about the boy who I saw earlier but the whole time we were walking I could not stop thinking about him and it was really starting to piss me off . I had never been so curious about a guy before it was odd experience for me I have had maybe like two boyfriends before and both of them didn't really get my attention that much. When I headed to the kitchen I saw my mother preparing dinner she looked at me and asked me where I was , I didn't respond I just when straight up to my room and just sat on the edge of my bed smoking a cigarette looking out the window .I put a record it on it was by The Animals it was my favorite song of theirs house of the rising sun . I spotted the little girl I had seen earlier she was riding her bike outside this time she didn't seem so sad she looked happier , Then the mysterious boy came out and sat on his porch playing guitar he truly was beautiful to look at I couldn't stop staring at him he had a soft expression on his face he as well looked different the last time I saw him, he looked relaxed I couldn't hear was he was playing so slowly opened the window and the sound that came from his guitar seemed familiar he was playing house of the rising sun that made me feel all weird inside I couldn't possible be falling for with him I haven't even met him yet . Suddenly he stopped playing and turned his face to my window I quickly looked away and fell on my bed . He spotted me and now I felt like a complete stalker and looked in the mirror I was bright red I was quite embarrassed . '

      I turned the radio on and slowly I fell asleep . My alarm clock woke me up the next morning and it was 11 , I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and washed my face and decided to take a quick shower . Coming downstairs I saw mother Preparing breakfast when she saw me she gave me a weak smile and I returned it .Mother and I have never been closed she hated my friends and would often asked why I hanged out with Jenna she didn't understand our friendship she would sometimes speculate that we were lesbian lovers just because after school we would hang out all the time and I guess she never had a close friendship like Jenna and I had, Mother seemed lonely and I would wondered if she had any friends she would never envite  people over not even when I was younger . I started eating my breakfast two eggs with bacon that was it and I could feel the tension between me and my mother so I got up and decided to call Jenna to see if she wanted to chill it out.


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