Summer of 1967

Mary Anne is seventeen years old she needs a sense of adventure in her life and boy! does she find it


5. boy of my dreams

     As I got home I noticed mother's car was gone I remember  that she worked today . I sat on the porch looking at my neighbors house wondering if the good looking kid was going to come out I noticed some of the curtains in his windows were moving his little sister was staring at me I wondered why she was hiding but then I kept doing the same thing yesterday. Then a beautiful face came out and sat on the porch with his guitar I felt like I was going to faint My whole body was shaking of excitement I didn't want embarrass myself so I sat up and pretended I wasn't looking at him he finally notice I was sitting in my porch, I looked at him and our eyes locked I felt myself blushing . He looked at me intently I tried looking away but I couldn't his eyes were very blue it reminded me of the ocean he started playing his guitar never looking away then he stopped his eyes never leaving mine he pulled out a cigarette and started smoking looking so cool he reminded of James Dean that cool and mysterious boy. He got up and headed towards my house , my heart was beating so fast I thought I was going to have a heart attack . He even looked so beautiful while walking his long flowing brown hair moving with the wind now I was getting corny but I didn't understand how somebody could be so pretty .


    When he got to my porch he stood there and looked at me he had a wolf  grin on his face . He stood there for a couple seconds just staring at me his eyes studying me like if I was a Science experiment he finally opened his mouth and said Hello to me he had a deep voice he sounded like Marlon Brando who was known for his famous mumbling. I said Hello back it was so hot outside with this gorgeous boy in front me it was getting hotter . He said his name was Kyle West he had moved from California which I figured I wanted to ask him why he looked pissed off that day I saw him through my window but I didn't because he was going to ask why I was stalking which I wasn't I was just looking out my window when it spotted him and his family moving in.


   I introduced myself shaking his hand , it was really soft I thought to myself he said he liked my name apparently he had an aunt in California with the same . He asked if he could go inside my house without hesitation I agreed , he looked inside and told me it was bigger than his house which I didn't believe that house was twice the size of mine .He wanted to see my room but I was embarrassed because I hadn't cleaned it yet and there clothes and records on the floor. We went upstairs to my room and it wasn't weird to me that I barely Introduced myself to him and he was already going to my room . I opened the door and he looked around he smiled at me he sat on my bed and told me  that he had seen me before looking at him . I Immediately turned red and denied that but he thought it was cute ,feeling embarrassed that I was caught I sat next to him and stared at him , he looked through my records I had the Beatles , The Animals , Rolling stones , Bob Dylan and of course  my favorite band The doors he was amazed by my taste in music we had the same taste  he played a record of an old Elvis record that I had and the first track that came on was Hound Dog I used to love that song as a kid he started dancing like Elvis I laughed histerically , he asked me dance with him when the song love me tender came on at first I denied because I was a horrible dancer he grabbed my hand and pulled me close to him until there was no space between us he could hear my heart beating as asked me to relax his hands were on my waist we danced slowly to the music I couldn't believe that this was happening it seemed surreal to me .

   After the song ended we still danced for another couple minutes then he grabbed my hand and we sat on the edge of my bed he said that he as well would look at me through the windows which surprised me because I thought I was the only one and I didn't feel like a creeper anymore he said he though I was very attractive I didn't think I was .Earlier I said I wasn't going to tell you how I looked but what the hell who cares I have long brown hair with green eyes people say I look like Bridgitte Bardot if I had blond hair I'm quite tall , I'm about 5'8 In school people would make fun of me saying I was the statue Of liberty but Instead of taking it as an insult I took as a compliment .

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