Friends With Benefits

This is a story about a girl, who is deeply in love with the member of One Direction Harry Styles, and they are friends because of their familiys. It's a long time ago since they saw each other because of Harry is busy, but when he is in England something happens... They become fuck buddies, so everytime Harry is around England, he pays for her ticket to come visit him for a "little chat". Is this going to be more? Are her feelings for him to strong to go on? Will he get feelings for her?


10. Trying to get back

I called Alissa, long time no talk, and we both decided to meet up. Her hair was still blond, still flat, she was still Alissa. But I wasn't "still Bianca" anymore. My wavy brown hair weren't always wavy. My trashy sneakers were sometimes high heels. All because of the rumours. I got paid to where Jimmy Choo shoes, cause apperently people were looking up to me. Alissa made me some tea, and lifes were now, in this very moment, real and normal. Two things I didn't experiance much these days. Though I knew what what my life would become, I still wanted Harry. I told Alissa about my feeling, I felt like a soft pillow stroke me every time Harry touched me, and like a baby's butt when he kissed me, his lips were so soft. Like imagine, Harry taking your hand with his, leading you into the bedroom. He makes you sit on his lap, you can feel your iPhone in your backpocket, and so can Harry. He gently touches your bum, as he takes your phone and puts it on the table, next to the glass of water that he slowly takes a sip of and then wets his lips. Then hands over the glass to you, and then kisses your wet lips. You can still taste the mint from his gum, you can feel his tounge sneaking into your mouth. Your tounge meets in a very passionate kiss, as he starts to unbutton his as well as your pants. Then using one hands to open your bra while the other one is cupping your cheek, etc.

All that, and more I lost in one single day, and I would do anything to get it back. 

The next day after a sleep over with Alissa I went home, feeling ready to go to the club. I took my phone in my bra and lay an extra layer of mascara before going to Funky Budha. I met with my old friend, Ryan. He was looking better than ever. His blue eyes were perfect for his golden skin and nut brown hair. I could smell his lovely male perfume from the other side of the room. We went straight to the bar, drinking shots, when I saw a not disco light hitting me. As I turned around the guy with the big camera took a shot again, and again. He got loads of pictures of me being wasted, but I couldn't care less. What would they say in the news to bring me down? I wasn't dating anyone, nothing could stop me from making this night memorable. Then it happend, the reason for them to crack me. I did what every girl who couldn't get her love life straight did, I drank til I was more than wasted, so mortal I couldn't even stand up, and I kissed almost every single dude in the club. So Ryan carried me home, still the papz followed us. 

Next day in the Teenage News:

Harry's AND Louis' EX-flirt, out again?

The Flirt has now been out at Funky Budha last night, with a unknown handsome guy. Is the flirt already over the two One Direction boys? We are happy to now confirm the name of the flirt, after loads of research, Bianca. We have some revealing pictures of Bianca and the new flirt. Can't the girl just stay with one. She might break Taylors record on 13 boys at one year. 

Happy to bring you the news, Teenage News. 


I was so angry, I fast dialed Ryan apologizing about everything. He said it was okay, a little weird to see himself in the magazin but he was okay. I just layed in my bed all day, watching all the directioner sides, with me every where. 

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