Friends With Benefits

This is a story about a girl, who is deeply in love with the member of One Direction Harry Styles, and they are friends because of their familiys. It's a long time ago since they saw each other because of Harry is busy, but when he is in England something happens... They become fuck buddies, so everytime Harry is around England, he pays for her ticket to come visit him for a "little chat". Is this going to be more? Are her feelings for him to strong to go on? Will he get feelings for her?


5. The lads

I heard that Harry had to rehearse for the tour, so I wanted to visit. Just to see the boys and how they would react like, if they teased me as usual or they were a little awkward. 

I took the bus to the O2 arena where they had the hole place for themself. 

"You can't get in here!" A big buff bodyguard said. 

"But I'm good friends with the boys. Ask one of them to come out and I'll prove it!" I said as the bodyguard called after another to go get the boys. 

After a few minuts I heard a little light voice saying "Someone who knows us, huh?" and right then I knew he had dragged Louis out to see if he knew me. 

"Oh hey Bianca!" Louis said and nodded to the bodyguard to let me in. I brushed his grib of my shoulder as I walked over to Louis.

"Look who wants to see us rehears!" Louis shouted to the other boys.

"Bianca!... - What are you doing here?!..." Harry said has he took his arm around my shoulder and dragged me out to the corner.

I could hear the boys giggle in the background as I looked back at them, and at the time their eyes met mine they stopped right away. 

"Don't you know that the paparazzi know I'm here and that they now know you are here?!" Harry said in a strict and slightly mad tone. I looked down the ground of embarrassment, and then I looked up at him with puppy eyes and said sorry. He just took me into him and holded me tight as I could feel his mouth making signals to the boys to stop them from laughing. I just closed my eyes not looking at the dark corner my head faced and just thought of me being in Harrys strong arms. 

Then I whispered in his ear "Harry just call me when, you know." and then he let me go as I gave him a little wink and then I went out the door, still with the feeling of Harrys arms around me. 

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