Friends With Benefits

This is a story about a girl, who is deeply in love with the member of One Direction Harry Styles, and they are friends because of their familiys. It's a long time ago since they saw each other because of Harry is busy, but when he is in England something happens... They become fuck buddies, so everytime Harry is around England, he pays for her ticket to come visit him for a "little chat". Is this going to be more? Are her feelings for him to strong to go on? Will he get feelings for her?


3. The Deal

I went up on my room, still having a vision of Harry naked in my head, and I liked it. But what about Nicolette, his model girlfriend? She was the most beautiful creature I have ever meet. She had very light blue eyes, and natural light blond hair, that went flat down her back. Her hands were small and er stomach was trained and she had long, skinny brown legs. She was what we call, perfect. Why would Harry go for me? Or was this just a one night stand? What should I do next time we meet? All those kind of questions couldn't be answered, if I didn't ask Harry, so I decided to call him over the next Friday, but then my parents would be home.

It soon turned Friday, and this time I didn't want to dress all up for Harry. I wanted to know if he liked me with baggy jeans and a tank top, if he even liked me at all.

*Ding Dong*

I heard my mom opening the door, “Hi Harry!” She said with a big smile on her face. “Come in!” I ran downstairs, and went over to Harry to give him a hug. He hold me tight for some seconds, and then let go. I took his wrist and dragged him upstairs.

“So, Harry.. I think you know why I invited you..” I started. “Uhhm, now I'm not sure anymore?” “Well, last time you were here, it got pretty intense, and I just wanted to you know, know what it meant and so on..” I said looking down the ground embarrassed. “Well, I like you a lot! But not like a girlfriend.. And the management doesn't let me have sex, and you were so beautiful, I couldn't resist! Sorry if I gave you the wrong signals, or anything..” He said as he looked down at the floor. “Well that's fine! I don't have feelings for you either..” I said lying straight into his face. “But maybe we could be like those uhmm..” I said as I couldn't finish my sentence. “Like with benefits?” Harry asked. “Yeah sure.. If you want too. If I were good enough” I said giving him a little wink. “And management will never find out, or the public world.. You can't tell it to anyone!” He said, as his cupcake smile came back on his lips. “Yeah sure! But how do we do it? Like place, and time? And with your tour?” I asked, very excited. Harry came up with a brilliant idea, I went to the hotel nearest his concert, and he paid the hotel and the flight. We made a deal that if the concert was in Europe, I would come, but only in the main state. He gave me a kiss on my lips and said one last sentence before, he opened my door to go home. “Be careful, don't fall in love with me” and then he gave me a little smirk and a cheeky smile. But that was already too late! I have always loved him, and my almost dreams was about to be true. I were his mysterious lover.

I couldn't keep this a secret, so I went over and dragged Alissa to the nearest bathroom, at our school, and whispered it too her. “But what about school? And me?” She said. “Oh fuck, I didn't think about that. I have to say it to my mom and dad, but not about the benefit thing.” I said and gave her the I'm sorry puppy eyes. Then we went back to class, and I couldn't concentrate on anything, but me looking at Harry's tattooed body again.  

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