Friends With Benefits

This is a story about a girl, who is deeply in love with the member of One Direction Harry Styles, and they are friends because of their familiys. It's a long time ago since they saw each other because of Harry is busy, but when he is in England something happens... They become fuck buddies, so everytime Harry is around England, he pays for her ticket to come visit him for a "little chat". Is this going to be more? Are her feelings for him to strong to go on? Will he get feelings for her?


7. So close

I woke up the next morning next to Harry, but when he woke up, he fast took his cellphone to see what time it was. The clock was 10 in the morning, and I should be home at 11. I had stress and Harry almost started shouting when he saw Nicolette come up to the main door. I fast took my clothing as Harry pushed me out to the bathroom, to hide me.

I sat at the toilet seat just waiting to be busted by Nicolette. And what if the paparazzi had followed her and gets in. I could only wait to get the answer. I heard the steps of a girl with high heels coming up from the stairs. I could feel the cold toilet at my still naked bum. I didn't get my underwear, I just saw Harry kick it underneath the bed. I could feel my heart beating faster as I heard the steps coming closer. My hands got sweaty as I hold them together and bit my lip.


Harry's P.O.V


I heard Nicolette knock on the door, as I checked one last time if she would be able to see Bianca's clothing. I opened the door to see my girlfriend, and she gave me a big kiss. I took her hand and dragged her into the living room. But then to my surprise she started to unbutton her shirt, and started dragging me into the bedroom. I looked worried at her, as she gave me a weird look. She started whispering dirty things into my ear, and though I got rid off my needs some hours ago, they came back and I started to help her unbutton her clothing.

She went over to the window taking her shirt and pants off. I saw a very bright light as I got suspicious and asked her to get away from the window. She went over to the bed as she made her way over to me and lay at my chest kissing my neck. I saw a bright light again, and pushed her away. I fast and directly went over to the window. To my surprise I saw the paparazzi and opened my window as I yelled after them ”Why can't I have some privacy?!! I know I have an amazing girlfriend that every one want to see naked, but that's MY girl! Stay away!” and then I closed the window and closed the curtains. I turned around and saw Nicolette laying sexy in my bed saying ”It's okay babe, they are just jealous. I mean they can have a couple of pictures of me... I don't mind?” She said with an innocent voice. I just looked at her, I was speechless. She was my girlfriend, MY girlfriend, why would she want to show her body to anyone else? I suddenly heard a sound coming from the bathroom. Shit! ”Nicolette I'm too tired sorry, will you please go?” I asked politely and escalated her outside.

I fast went out to the bathroom to get Bianca.


Bianca's P.O.V


I fast took Harry's shampoo up again. I just prayed that they didn't hear me. I heard some hard footsteps coming in the direction of the bathroom door. I slowly saw the handle turn and the door open. It was just Harry. I asked him why she left, and what happened, and I got suspicious for the fact that she wanted the paparazzi to take pictures of her, half naked. I just fast ran over to his bed so I could get my underwear. And then I saw a bright light and ran as fast as I could into the bathroom again. After I got my clothing on again  I slowly looked out of his window to see of the coast was clear. I went over to Harry and gave him a hug. I could feel his abs, and his back muscles. Was this real? I looked up into his big green orbs, as he leaned closer to me and our noses touched, and a few seconds later our lips touched as well.

He opened the door as I waved goodbye and ran down the stairs. I stuck my head out of the front door, and the coast was still clear, but as soon as I got out from the main door the paparazzi was all over me. “What were you doing in there? Why were you in there? Is Harry cheating on his girlfriend?” And I just ran over to the road to call a taxi. My life went from me on the computer, to sleeping with Harry Styles secretly, to almost get caught by the paparazzi on one week. My life was turned upside down.

I woke up next day in my own bed, and my mom waking me up so I could go to school. I took my clothing on and looked in the mirror, and then I went out to get the mail. I looked at the newspaper.

Oh my God....


Harry's P.O.V


I went over to the rehearsals in New Castle, and to my surprise I saw the boys reading news paper, I never thought I should see that.

“What are you reading?” I asked a little worried, cause why would they read that?

“Don't worry, it's not a real news paper, it's just Teenage News, and we saw a picture of you on the front and the main text said Harry Styles caught in bed with two girls. We had to buy it. We haven't read the part of you yet, we wanted to hear an explanation first.” Niall said with his lovely Irish accent.

“Oh my God, no! Well boys, I can't really explain this...” I said looking down in the ground.

“Have you for real been cheating on Nicolette?!!” Louis asked and turned his sassy side on.

“Well sort of, I am friends with benefits with Bianca..” I looked into Louis' eyes and I could see a little disappointment in their eyes.

“That's not cool Harry. Why? Nicolette is an amazing girl!” Zayn said, and then Louis added “With amazing qualities.” and then he laughed a little.

“I know, but she won't have sex, and I'm a guy?! You gotta know how I feel? But let me just see what they wrote and I'll tell you if it's true.

The Teenage News wrote:

Harry Styles, heartbreaker.

Harry Styles has been dating the model Nicolette Walsh, but still we see another girl walk out of his apartment, naked, just minutes after the girlfriend left. Does Harry have two relationships or a girlfriend and a flirt? We have some revealing photos of Nicolette, the flirt and Harry kissing the flirt, and the girlfriend. We can just say that Harry is stupid to go for another girl when he has a girlfriend with such a beautiful body.

We also saw Harry pushing his girlfriend out and then got the flirt inside to get her clothing and then he pushed her out as well.

We still don't have the name of the flirt, but we are working on it.


“So Harry, how much of this is true?” Liam said and looked at me with his daddy look.

“Well, actually almost all of it..” I said embarrassed. “I didn't push anyone out! And I asked them to leave before I asked Nicolette to go, so they shouldn't have seen any of this!” I said, and I could feel the tears pushing, cause at this point I was sure this would come out faster that Niall's farts! And then I would get more hate than ever, and we could lose fans by it, and lose our jobs, and.. I couldn't think clear. I was so worried by the fact that these news could ruin my life, and I could lose my four best friends if they lost their jobs because of me. What could I do, I can't write to the fans on twitter, cause I won't lie to them. I didn't know what to do, but I was pretty sure that Modest could do something about it. Like giving me two tickets for Paris, so I could seem romantic.

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