Friends With Benefits

This is a story about a girl, who is deeply in love with the member of One Direction Harry Styles, and they are friends because of their familiys. It's a long time ago since they saw each other because of Harry is busy, but when he is in England something happens... They become fuck buddies, so everytime Harry is around England, he pays for her ticket to come visit him for a "little chat". Is this going to be more? Are her feelings for him to strong to go on? Will he get feelings for her?


9. Freedom

I looked behind my shoulder, fast taking my food and drove home. My mom was laying on the couch watching TV, as I ran up at my bedroom. I had a weird feeling in my stomach, it hurt, but in a way that felt good. Did I take the right choice? Harry just got out of a serious relationship, and the next day his best friend was dating his old flirt?! Was that even possible, like that only happen in movies. But everything can happen if you are near the One Direction boys. My hands got sweaty as I dialed Alissa. She understood the situation, but she was in shock, and the next day, the hole world was as well.


Harry Styles single, or in a triangle?


Yesterday, as the 1D boys were going to the rehearsals Louis Tomlinson got kissed goodbye, and driven by Harry's old flirt. Are they in a triangle, or is she all Louis'? And what happened in the hotel room with Nicolette and Harry? A sad Nicolette got out of the hotel saying “I had to break up with him, I can't be with a cheater.” As a tear fell down her cheek. What is it with these celebs that make them think, they own everyone and can get everyone or thing they need?

Happy to bring you the news, Teenage News.


Oh my God. What have I done, I ruined Harry's life! My dream boys life is ruined because of me! How could I do that to such a loving and carrying person? I was a horrible human being.

I called Harry, asking if he had read the news, and he had. Apparently I was lucky he still wanted to speak to me.

I drove Louis to rehearsals every day, and we got closer and closer every day, though we found out how different we actually were. It made it awkward sometimes, we found out day by day that we actually didn't know each other, even though we had known each other for almost four years.

“Bianca, we both agree on this right?” Louis asked while holding my hand. I looked up at him with my nose almost touching his, as we kissed for one last time.

I was now free after all this time with Harry and Louis, I could walk on the street, or I thought so. My mom and I went shopping, and there was blinding lights everywhere with the same questions “Why both of them? Are you going to try the rest? Who broke it up? How could you make Harry cheat on Nicolette?” I knew that it was the perfect questions, and I asked myself the same questions every day. My mom and I got to a little shop with a picture of Harry and Nicolette in the window. The headline said “Best couple back together”. My mom took her arm around me and held me tight as we fast walked over to the next shop. The picture was of both of them on the red carpet in New York. They were holding hands, and were looking all couply. I would ship them, if I weren't in love with him. I could feel that it was wrong what I did with Louis. But the feeling of jalousie were bigger.

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