Ghost Boy

"I opened my eyes and realised, I was still in the school. Did I just fall asleep like that? I looked at my phone and there was 3 unanswered calls from my mom. I guess she wanted to know where I was. It's almost wonder she wanted to know. It's weird that no one even realised I was here before they left.

I walked to the hallway. All dark. I'm not really affraid of the dark. I walked down the hallway, heading for the entrance. Suddenly I heard steps behind me. I turned around but no one was there. Strange. I kept walking and again, I heard steps. I turned around once again but no one was there. Then I heard the steps on the other side of me. I turned again and I got a shock as I saw a tall figure stand some meters in front of me. The figure was transperent and white glowing. Was that what I think it was...a ghost??"


13. Where are you?

The sun went down and the moon rised. I sat in my room getting ready to meet Minho with the bigest apologise ever. I was really wrong about him. I knew he liked me and I had to admit I like him back. I have to tell him that, even though he heard it from the spiritual media. He has to hear it from my mouth. I didn't want to turn on my light. Minho was much more clearly seen in the dark. I wanted to see him clearly when I apologised to him. 

I closed my eyes and concentrated. I need to call him. He's thinking I don't want to see him again. I want to. I really want to. I took a deep breath, "Minho please. I need to see you. Come to my room" I said out in midair. I slowly opened my eyes, but I only saw darkness. No Minho. Maybe he didn't hear me? Isn't he around? I tried once again. "Minho please. I really need to see you. I have something to say to you" I said. I looked around, but no Minho. Weird. He used to be all around. Don't tell me...did the barrier work? It couldn't have. I didn't want that. 

I didn't even sleep. I waited for him the whole night, but he never showed. What to do? I miss him more now. I wanted to see him more than yesterday. He's probably mad at me. I understand him. I wanted to erase him from my life. Then the thought hit me. It's kind of like he wanted me dead to begin with. That was before we knew each other, but still. I shouldn't be like this. I wanted to apologise, but what to do when he doesn't even show up when I call him. He used to show up when I didn't call him. Maybe if I stopped he would appear again? I doubt it.

Heechul burst into my room. I got shocked and fell down on the floor. Heechul just looked at me, "what are you doing down there?" he asked. I got on my knees, leaning on the bed and looked tired at Heechul. "Did you sleep down there?" He asked me and I facepalmed myself. I knew, he knew why I was down there. He was the one scaring me down there. "What do you want?" I asked quite annoyed. I was really tired. I get easely annoyed when I'm tired. "Didn't you get any sleep last night?" he asked and I just nodded.

He walked over to me and sat down in front of me, "don't jerk yourself off all night, it will drain you" he said blond. "Yah!!" I yelled at him. "It's not like that! Not at all!" I shouted at him. Him and his perverted mind. I didn't have any energy to fight back. "Get out. I need to sleep" I said, climbing up on my bed. Heechul stood up, "oh right! Now I remember. Your little friend, Kim Kibum I think his name was, is here. Get down" he said. I sighed deep and smashed down in my bed with my face buried in the pillow.

Heechul slapped my ass, "yah! He's waiting for you" he said and I just ignored him. I really needed some sleep. "If you don't get down there, I'll send him up to you" he said and left the room. I didn't listen to him. I was so tired that no matter who it was I wouldn't leave my bed. I couldn't believe he didn't show up last night. Only the thought made me sad. The thought of breaking in to the school, just to see him, crossed my mind. It was weekend, but I really needed to see him.

I heard knocking noises on my door. I ignored that as well. I just wanted to sleep. The knocking noises didn't stop. I sat up in the bed, "what?" I just said and the door opened. Kibum stood in the doorway. He looked at me, "still sleepng? At this hour?" He asked. I looked at him with heavy eyes, "I didn't get any sleep last night" I mumbled. He closed the door and sat on the edge of my bed, "why not?" he asked. I sighed. There was no reason to hide it from him. "I called him last night, but he never showed up. I stayed up the whole night, waiting for him. I'm dead tired" I mumbled, bumping down in my bed again.

"Then I guess you don't want to hear who I met last night?" He asked and honestly, I couldn't care less. I mean why would I care who he met? "I guess you'll find it quite interessting. I met your boyfriend" he said and I turned my head, looking sleepy and confused at him. "Who?" I asked confused. "Him" he said. "You ghost boy visited me last night" he said and I sat up in the bed immediately, looking at Kibum. "Minho?!" I asked, suddenly more awake. He nodded. "You're...kidding, right?" I asked him to make sure, but he shook his head. "I'm dead serious. He came to my room last night".

I couldn't believe it. Why did he visit Kibum and not me? He doesn't even know him...right? My head was a big mess. Why did he want to visit Kibum and not me? Wasn't it me he had feelings for? Or was I just used to get close to Kibum? Wait..the last one didn't even make sense. I must've been more tired than I thought. But even so. I kept all my options open. I know, I sounded really pathetic.

I looked at Kibum, "why did he visit you and not me?" I asked him and got suspicious. Kibum shrugged, "I don't know. He wanted to talk to me. Oddly enough, he talked about you" he said. I felt my heart beat, filling my inside with hope. "About me?" I asked and Kibum nodded. "Taemin-ah, I think he's deadly in love with you" he said with a smile. "Was that supposed to be funny?" I wondered if it was. I mean Minho is a ghost afterall. "No Taemin listen. He asked for my help. He thinks you don't care about him enough to help him. His desire to become alive again has increased to a whole new level. He told me that, he wanted to become alive to be together with you".

My heart beated faster the more Kibum told me. I couldn't believe this. I knew he liked me, but only becoming alive again to be together with me? That can't be right. He wanted to become alive even before he knew me. Argh! My head is one big mess. Why is it so hard for me to understand? "Wha-what else did he tell you?" Why am I shivering? "He told me that, he may know a way to become alive again, but he really need your help", he looked really serious about this. Did Minho really tell him that? Then one thing made me wonder. "Hyung, how come he tell you this insted of telling me?" I asked him. Kibum sighed, "he's still hurt about what happened bestween the two of you, so he told me insted, but he wants you to do it".

I understood him really well. I felt bad too and hurt. I still haven't forgived myself for what I almost did. Even though he wouldn't talk to me, I knew he stilled believe me. He wants me to help him, even though he didn't tell me in person, he still believed me. I had decided. I'm going to help him. No matter how long it takes, I'll help him become alive again. I looked at Kibum very seriously, "how does he want me to help him? How can he become alive again?" I asked Kibum and his face lighted up by my decision. Don't worry Minho. You'll become alive again. I guarantee it!

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