Ghost Boy

"I opened my eyes and realised, I was still in the school. Did I just fall asleep like that? I looked at my phone and there was 3 unanswered calls from my mom. I guess she wanted to know where I was. It's almost wonder she wanted to know. It's weird that no one even realised I was here before they left.

I walked to the hallway. All dark. I'm not really affraid of the dark. I walked down the hallway, heading for the entrance. Suddenly I heard steps behind me. I turned around but no one was there. Strange. I kept walking and again, I heard steps. I turned around once again but no one was there. Then I heard the steps on the other side of me. I turned again and I got a shock as I saw a tall figure stand some meters in front of me. The figure was transperent and white glowing. Was that what I think it was...a ghost??"


3. What was that?

So quiet. Not a single sound. There I was, standing face to face with the white glowing shape, only a few inches away from me. It couldn't be a ghost, could it? They don't exist, right? I couldn't take my eyes away from it. That felt so real. "Wha..what are you?" At the moment I asked, the shape disappeared right in front of my eyes. A few seconds past before I realised, what I just saw. Imposeble, it had to be. Ghosts doesn't exist, right? I was not sure anymore. I kept making up excuses. Maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me, but that hadn't happen before. It would be weird to just see something in front of your eyes, when your sight is totally normal. I tried to snap out of it and started walking again, heading for the entrance.

I made my way home, without seeing anything unusual. It felt weird. My memory usually got weaker as time passed by, but this time it didn't. I could still remember the shape as clearly as I saw my house right in front of me. It felt so real, that it couldn't be a dream. What was that thing anyway? Maybe someone was playing tricks on me. If so, I would find out who. I hated being played with. Maybe it was those guys from earlier. In that case, I knew what I was going to do the next day.

I entered my house, being ready for what waited me inside. As I thought, my mother stood right on the other side of the door, waiting for me. "Taemin!! Where have you been?! Don't you know what time it is?" She scolded me as soon I entered the house. I advoided her eyes, "sorry umma, I had to stay at school to study and then I fell asleep," I explained to her. She still looked mad and she even sighed mad. "You didn't listen to the teacher again, right?" She asked me. ever since the first time I've been spacing out doring class, she had been more serious about my studies and knew when I hadn't been paying attention. I nodded, not knowing what to say.

"Go to your room, to get some sleep. You have school tomorrow," she said, leaving me by the door. I guess my punishment was to not get dinner. Well, it was midnight anyway, I didn't expect any dinner. I walked to my room, laying down on my bed, when I arrived. I just laid there, thinking of what I saw in the hallway at the school. Somehow I couldn't let it go. Now that I think about it, the shape did look like a person, but I couldn't see the details that clearly. All I really remember, was a white glowing shape, which was transperent. I really wanted to know what it was, so I decided to stay late at school, the next day too, in hope of getting to see it again. It's so unlike me.

Suddenly the door to my room shot open and my older brother was standing in the doorway. I sat up looking at him, "what do you want? I'm on my way to bed" I said quite annoyed that this guy never knocks before entering. "Yah! Speak politely to your older brother! By the way, why are you home so late?" He asked just walking in, like he owned this room. "I fell a sleep at school.." I just admited, waiting for him to make fun of me. We weren't really good friends, me and him. We scolded each other almost everyday. His name was Kim Heechul by the way and I know it sounded weird that we had different lastnames. To make it short, we have different parents. He's my step brother. 

He looked at me, "it's so like you. Have you told umma-sshi?" He asked me and I nodded. "What about appa?" He was quite curious. I shook my head, "he's sleeping, right?" I said and Heechul agreed. He yawned, "I'm tired" he just said and walked out of my room, leaving the door open. He really annoys me sometimes. I walked to my door to close it and went back to bed. So that's pretty much my life. One best friend I didn't share classes with, an annoying big step brother, a protecting mother and a strict father. I was just lucky that he was already asleep, but I'm properly going to hear about it the day after.

The next day, my father already went to work when I woke up. I got dressed, walked to the dinning room and ate breakfast. I looked at my mother and she looked back at me. I sighed, "umma, I'm sorry about yesterday"  said and she sighed as well. "We can't do anything about it anyway. You could at least have called. You know how worry I get", she said and I nodded. She got worried easily. Then she smiled at me, "don't worry, I'll speak with him" she said kind. Maybe she was over portecting, but she was a good mother. She always helped me out when I needed it.

I met Kai by the school gate, "Yo, Tae! How much did you even get to study yesterday?" he asked. I glared at him, "actually not much.." I just answered. "HA! I knew it!" he laughed out loud. Sometimes he really annoys me, but what to do? We both walked to the school and split up to go to our classes. Me and Kai didn't have any classes together at all. And since Kai was my only friend in school, I didn't have any classes with someone I used to talk to and I didn't really pay attention to class either. I guess that was why the days always seemed so long. If so, then that was my own fault.

When lunch time started, I met with Kai by our usual table and we ate lunch together. "You know, somthing happened yesterday," I said and he looked curiously at me. "What happened? You were in the library right? What could happen in there?" He asked. "I'm not talking about the library. I fell alseep at the school yesterday and when I woke up it was almost midnight..", "you slept till midnight?!" He asked surprised. "Yah, let me finish!" I scolded at him, but he just grinned. "When I was on my way to the entrence, I started hearing steps in the hallway, like somone way following me", I continued, but Kai just looked at me, like I was crasy. "And so what? Maybe you were just tired", he tried to convince me. "I'm serious. I turned around and actually saw a white, transperent, glowing shape stand in front of me", I tried to convince him, but I could see he still didn't get it.

"A ghost maybe?" We heard someone say and both look at him. It was the new kid in my class, Kim Kibum. He sat down next to me. "Tell more. I love ghost stories" he said happy. "Who are you?" Kai asked looking at Kibum who looked back at him. "I'm Taemin's new classmate in art" he replied. "Kai, Tae's best friend" he said, looking like he was jealous. "Nice to meet you" Kibum said right before paying attention to me again. "Now continue. What happen yesterday?" He asked all curious and Kai pouted. "Well..after I asked who the shape was, it disappeared and that's all that happened" I said honest. I saw the disapointment on Kibum's face. "It could have been your imagenation, I mean you just slept, maybe you were just tired", Kai tried to explain. "I know what I saw" I said back. "Well, I believe you" Kibum said. I looked at him, "what kind of guy are you anyway?" I asked and saw he got surprised by my sudden question. "A normal one?" He just answered confused.

"Anyway, I'm planning on coming back here again tonight. I want to know what I saw last night" I said and Kai looked tired at me. "Come on Tae, it was just your imagenation", he really didn't want to believe me. Kibum, on the other hand, looked excited. "Can I come along?" he asked eagerly and I just agreed, "I guess..", "Then I guess I have to come too" he said and I looked confused at him. "I thought, you ddn't believe me?", "Oh, I don't, but I'm not letting this guy take you away from me" he said and I sighed as Kibum pouted. Kai and his jealousy, it can't be helped, huh? Even though, I didn't know Kibum, I was happy that he wanted to come along, proving that he believed me. Kai coming along made me a bit happier. I knew he didn't believe me, but just that he wanted to come along, no matter the reason, was enough for me. Tonight's mission: What mysterious shape walked around the school at night?

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