Ghost Boy

"I opened my eyes and realised, I was still in the school. Did I just fall asleep like that? I looked at my phone and there was 3 unanswered calls from my mom. I guess she wanted to know where I was. It's almost wonder she wanted to know. It's weird that no one even realised I was here before they left.

I walked to the hallway. All dark. I'm not really affraid of the dark. I walked down the hallway, heading for the entrance. Suddenly I heard steps behind me. I turned around but no one was there. Strange. I kept walking and again, I heard steps. I turned around once again but no one was there. Then I heard the steps on the other side of me. I turned again and I got a shock as I saw a tall figure stand some meters in front of me. The figure was transperent and white glowing. Was that what I think it was...a ghost??"


6. I see you clearly

I almost couldn't believe my own eyes. A book flying in midair, but somehow I wasn't scared. I was only a little shocked by the view, but since I've seen a ghost three times already, this was, kind of, nothing to me. The book hang in the air for quite a long time, before falling to the ground. "You're here" I said with a low voice, almost whispering. No reaction. I looked carefully around and for my surprise, I saw some white dust, flying from one bookshelf to another. I kept my eyes on the dust, being careful not to lose the sight of it, but I did as it faded away. I let out a loud sigh of nervousness. Even though I've seen a ghost those three times, it still maked me nervous, thinking of it was a living-death, that I couldn't see clearly, who walked around, making those noises and movements. I wonder how others would have reacted, if they saw the ghost or just this white dust. Would they be frightened? Maybe scared to death? 

I kept my eyes wide open, being careful not to miss anything that could happen. I didn't know what, since it could be anything. So far I've already seen a ghost three times, a book flying in mid air, some weird white dust, heard noises and now I'm waiting for some more to happen. I had decided that if I saw something weird and unexplainable again, I would believe that ghosts existed for real. I only got to think the thought before I felt a cold breeze on my neck. I got goosebumps down my spine, turning around and saw nothing but darkness. I could clearly feel my heart beat in my chest. I wasn't scared, but really nervous. None of the windows were open and the door was closed too. I slowly looked around the room, when my eyes felt over a weak glowing shape in the corner of the room. 

I stood up fast and the shape didn't move at all. "Please don't disappear... S-stay" I said, really nervous. I can't explain how, but it was like the shape froze and looked straight at me. I gulped, not looking away from the shape even for a second. I didn't want to lose the sight of it. I didn't want it to disappear. I don't know why, but I felt attracted to it. Pretty weird actually. I felt attracted to something that was a living-death. "Please, show yourself" I said carefully, taking one step closer to the shape. "You can trust me" the clsoer I got, the more nervous I got. For my surprise, the shape took a step closer to me as well. We both carefully stepped closer to each other until we were only a few inches from one another. My heart beated like there was no tomorrow, but I didn't take my eyes of the shape. " you trust me?" I carefully asked the shape and only a few second past when it answered, "I do", it said.

My eyes got wide as I saw the shape getting more clearly. Only about 5 seconds past before I could se the shape really clearly. I could see clear shapes of a man's body. I could see the shape of the clothes it was wearing. I could see the hair clearly. It was long, for a boy that is, and a bit curly. I couldn't see the colour though, since the ghost was transperent white. I got a weird feeling inside as I saw the face of the shape. Big eyes and long eyelashes. Perfect shaped lips that looked soft. This living-death was indeed handsome. At that time it suddenly maked more sense, why I found this ghost attracting. I didn't expect the ghost to be this handsome and young. When I pictured a ghost, I always thought it would be an old man or woman. I never thought that such a young and handsome person could be the ghost. It kind of maked me sad, thinking about how he ended like that in such a young age. 

He looked at me without a word. "Thanks for showing yourself" I said with a low voice. I couldn't get my eyes off of the ghost. All he did was bow to me. By natural behavior, I bowed back. "Won't you say something to me? Anything?" I asked him and he just looked to the sides without a word. Was he shy? It couldn't be because, he couldn't talk. I knew he could. I've already heard his voice before, even right before he showed himself. I kept looking at him even though, he looked away. "If you won't speak, then I will", I said to him and he turned his head to look at me. "You probably already know this, but I've tried to come in contact with you, ever since I saw you for the first time a few days ago", I said, really wanting him to answer, but all he did was, staring at me and I guess he was listening. "At first, I didn't believe in ghosts, but when I actually saw one, with my own eyes, first I couldn't believe it, but since then I saw you in my room and then I started to believe", I continued. His expression changed. He looked like he was confused, like he didn't know, what I was talking about. 

"Is something wrong?" I asked him, hoping for an answer. He then looked troubled. I decided to change the subject, "you said, you trust me. Is that true or was it just something you said?" I asked him. I wonder if he was tired of my questions. I even wonder, if he knew, I was trying to get him to talk. "What's your name?" he suddenly asked me. I got surprised, "Lee Taemin" I answered quick, excided that he spoke to me. "Lee Taemin" he repeated, like he would confirm, that it was my real name. I nodded slowly, still looking at him. "What's your name?" I then asked him. But he just looked at me and then he faded away fast, leaving me in the dark. I looked around, not seeing any sign of him. Why did he just fade away like that? Was it because I couldn't know his name? Did he get scared of something? I admit that my last question didn't make sense, but even so. After searching through the whole library and realised that he was gone, I left the school. 

I had no idea where to go? Maybe I school just go home and hope that my mother weren't awake. I looked at the clock on my phone. It was almost 3am. I sighed, deciding to go home and then just make an excuse, for being home at that time. I looked back at the building, before heading home. I decided that, the next day I would search through some old school papers to know more about him. Who knows, maybe he was an old student. And if so, then the papers could tell me more about him, like his name, his age, which class he attended to and maybe even what happened to him. The more I thought about it, the more excided I got, to know more about the mysterious shape, who turned out to be a young boy. I made my way home and unlocked the front door as quiet I could and then locked again, when I got inside. I went to my room without a sound and went to bed, waiting for the next day.

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