Ghost Boy

"I opened my eyes and realised, I was still in the school. Did I just fall asleep like that? I looked at my phone and there was 3 unanswered calls from my mom. I guess she wanted to know where I was. It's almost wonder she wanted to know. It's weird that no one even realised I was here before they left.

I walked to the hallway. All dark. I'm not really affraid of the dark. I walked down the hallway, heading for the entrance. Suddenly I heard steps behind me. I turned around but no one was there. Strange. I kept walking and again, I heard steps. I turned around once again but no one was there. Then I heard the steps on the other side of me. I turned again and I got a shock as I saw a tall figure stand some meters in front of me. The figure was transperent and white glowing. Was that what I think it was...a ghost??"


10. Hurtful decision

I couldn't believe my own ears. Fallen for me? Is that even posible? I mean he's dead...kind of. Does he even have feelings? "I don't get it...why fall for me? I mean, youre a ghost and I'm a normal human". I've never been this confused before. Everything was a mess. He confuses me more and more. "I know it sounds weird, but I have some kind of strange yet good feeling inside me when I see you" he continued. "I still don't get it. Minho, you are a ghost. Is it even posible for you to like anyone?" I hoped I didn't sound rude. "I don't get it either. I too, thought I couldn't feel anything for other people, but I guess it's posible. I've been thinking this through since last time I saw you. The result is the same. I do have feelings for you".

No matter how much he said it, I still couldn't get it right in my head. I wasn't really convinsed. "Minho...I don't think it's posible for you to feel love. I'm sorry if I sound rude, but it doesn't make any sense". "It doesn't make any sense? I'm a ghost. A living soul. My body is trapped inside a paranormal closet and I can't get connected to it. And you think it's weird that I have feeling for you?" Is he mad? He made an irritated sigh and looked away from me. I guess he is. I did sound rude, didn't I? I felt bad, but I couldn't help it. I just didn't believe he could have feelings for me. "I'm sorry Minho", was the only thing I could say. He sighed once again and looked at me. "What can I do to convinse you?" He asked me, crossing his arms. I thought about it. Doesn't theese things take time? "You have to convinse me by time to time. I don't really know what could convinse me" I said, honestly speaking. 

"What if I say that I've been following you all the time, even though you couldn't see me?" He said. Following me? Now he sounds like a stalker. "It makes me feel uncomfortable", I said, looking disgusted. "Sorry, but I couldn't resist", he apologized. I sighed, "Minho, by telling me you have been following me around, gives me the wrong feeling. Please don't do that. I feel disgusted. Let's just make fate decide how it ends. Alright?" I suggested. He nodded, "sounds fair. I promise I won't stalk you anymore. I did wrong. I'm sorry" does he ever stop apologizing? I did feel weird when he told me he had stalked me, but it wasn't only a disgusted feeling. I felt somehow, warm inside. Creeps me out a bit. 

Then the thought suddenly hit me, "you said you need a living soul to become alive again. Does that mean you have to...." I paused. He looked at me, like he knew what I as going to say. He looked kind of worried and sad at the same time. "Taemin...I'm sorry. When I chose you, I only thought about myself. The only thought that crosed my mnd was to become alive again. But it all changed, when I fell for you. I won't use you. I promise" he knew he was trying to convince me. It somehow didn't work. I felt used. This means he only did this because of his selfish way of thinking. I felt hurt. I know I said I would help, but just the thought of him sacrificing me for his own good. "I..I can't believe you". I stepped away from him, "you only wanted to use me. You wanted to kill me!" I shouted at him. "Taemin listen. That's not-", "Shut up! You said you needed a living soul to become alive again. That means you have to sacrifice my soul, to let your own body free". I felt the tears running down my face, "you said she shouldn't turn me into what she turned you into. Was it because you wanted to do it yourself?!" I shouted frustrated at him. He looked apologetic at me. "I..I don't know what to say..." he said with a low voice. "Don't you ever dare to interfere with me and my life again! Stay away from me! I won't believe in you ever more!" With those words I left the basement and ran out of school.

I ran to the park. I was frustrated, angry and hurt. I knew myself that I had actually fallen for that guy. Knowing he was just using me hurts really bad. I dumped down under a tree and burried my face in my knees. I felt fabric around my knees become wet. I was crying again. I hated my life at the moment. I didn't know what to do anymore. Since I met Minho, he've been protecting me from the ghost girl and now she even knows how to get to my house. Since I told him not to interfere with my life again, then what am I suppose to do? I can't protect myself from the ghost girl. I'm freeking scared of her. I don't know what she can and will do to me. What about my family? Will she hurt them? Will she interfere with my family and me? My mind was a mess. 

"Taemin ah?" I heard a familliar voice call me. I looked up and saw Kibum kneeled down in front of me. "What's wrong? Your face is all wet" he said wiping my tears. I sobbed and leaned back on the tree, "I feel like my heart has been ripped out" I said, wiping the upcoming tears. "I didn't even know you were in love" he said wondering. "I'm not!" I said fast. "I've never been. But someone I trusted...was lying to me and had just used me all the time" I mumbled. "It's not that Kai dude. Is it?" He asked. "No. It's..." I paused. Should I tell him? Well he believes in ghosts...he says. "You remember I told I saw a ghost at the school before, right?" I asked him and he nodded. "I do. Did you meet it again?" He asked. I nodded, "I've actually met it every day this week, but it turned to be that it was lying to me all the time and just used me". 

I told him everything that had happened the whole week. As I explained, he looked more and more confused. I guess I've looked like that too the whole week. "And now...I don't know what to do" I sighed. "As your situation is right now, I guess there is two options. You can either go back to your ghost boy and forgive him from what he've done. He did apologise, didn't he? And he told you he couldn't make himself to do it and even confesed to you," he said. I looked at him, "are you insane? I can't to back to someone who originally tried to kill me" I said frustrated. He nodded, "look, I understand that. But he admitted and apologised for what he did. He even confesed and protected you from the ghost girl the whole time". "Only to use me for his selfish thought. Don't defend him!" I can't believe it. Is he even on my side? "What's the other option?" I asked more calmed down.

He hesitated a bit, like he really didn't want to tell me. In the end he did tell me. "You could go to spiritually media and tell them to make a barrier so that no ghost, spirit or any kind of living soul could ever get in contect with you or your family again", he said. Was that really an option for me? Was it even posible. "Is that posible?" I asked him and he nodded. "But Taemin, please think this through. If you do this, then you'll never be able to get in contact with the ghost boy again" he warned me. "I don't care. He used me and tried to kill me. I had a normal life before him and I want it back. He interfered way to much". I was certain of this. I would never see him in front of my eyes again. The only way both him and the ghost girl chould get out of my life, was to do this. I will never ever let the ghost boy interfere with my life again!

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