Ghost Boy

"I opened my eyes and realised, I was still in the school. Did I just fall asleep like that? I looked at my phone and there was 3 unanswered calls from my mom. I guess she wanted to know where I was. It's almost wonder she wanted to know. It's weird that no one even realised I was here before they left.

I walked to the hallway. All dark. I'm not really affraid of the dark. I walked down the hallway, heading for the entrance. Suddenly I heard steps behind me. I turned around but no one was there. Strange. I kept walking and again, I heard steps. I turned around once again but no one was there. Then I heard the steps on the other side of me. I turned again and I got a shock as I saw a tall figure stand some meters in front of me. The figure was transperent and white glowing. Was that what I think it was...a ghost??"


14. A year without you

This is it! I'll try getting in contact with him today. I must help him. I have to tell him, I want to help. I ran to school. Kibum had told me how to make Minho come alive again.


"How can I help him come alive again?" I asked Kibum, getting eager to know. I've never been so sure on anything in my entire life. "Well, he told you about that weird closet in the basement at the school, right?" I nodded and he continued. "That closet requires some kind of offering to release the living souls wandering around the school halls. And for every offering you give, you'll gain a soul in return". Sounded confusing to me, "how am I supposed to find an offering? Minho told me, it had to be a living soul," This whole thing confused me. Didn't Minho tell me all of it?

"Just listen. He thought of it as a problem himself and then he told me about the ghost girl, who failed to become alive again. He had no idea who she was or where she comes from, so I looked into it and found something interesting". He told me. "Something interesting about the ghost girl? What would that be? Shes dead and had been in hundrede years or so". Kibum shoke his head, "no, that's the interesting part. Minho was wrong. She hasn't been dead that long. She became a ghost only 25 years ago" he continued. Only 25 years? What does all this mean? And why did her try on becoming alive again a failure? Kibum continued, "what happened to the ghost girl, is exactly what happened to Minho, but the difference is, the ghost girl didn't become alive again. For a soul to become alive again, they need their body, which should be trapped inside the closet, but her body wasn't there, when she trapped Minho inside of it." He said. "why not?" I asked.

"I searched through the internet for answers and found this" he handed me a piece of paper, which was an old newspaper article. I read it and it said:

"Friday morning a young girl in a white nightdress was found unconscious in a closet in the basement of a high school. No signs of crime was found nor any signs of how the girl got into the locked closet in the first place. Experts says she has been unconscious at least two days and maybe more. She is now brought to XXXX hospital and is currently in a coma. Even experts nor the police doesn't know how it could happen that she has been unconscious for at least two whole days, without getting help."

I looked at Kibum, "do you think it's her?" I asked. He nodded, "without a doubt. She's described the same way and was found in a closet in the basement of your school. I don't think it's a coincidence". I looked at the paper and then back at Kibum, "does Minho know this?" I asked and Kibum thought about it, "I don't think so. I guess you have to tell him in order to help him" he said. "Then we just need her as the offering, but how should I do it? She's still alive and I don't think she would like to wander around the school halls any more" I said, kind of having second thoughts. "She has been in a coma for 25 years, Taemin. She can't be saved. You just have to convince her soul to let go and maybe then she'll agree to the offering" he said. It kind of maked sence. But it would be difficult. Not only to convince her, but I needed to get in contact with Minho first.

(End of flashback)

As I reached the school, I went directly to the basement. I needed a quiet place with no one around. I sat down against the wall and closed my eyes. I need to focus. This is it. I'm actually trying to get in contact wiht a ghost by contacting the spiritual world. I've never done that before. Minho used to just appear in front of me, but lately he hadn't showed up even ones. Is he really that mad at me? I wished to see him. I wanted to apologise to him face to face. I seemed like he didn't want to. He's not making this easy for me. "Minho...where are you?" I whispered and slowly opened my eyes in hope to see him. But what a disapointment. He wasn't there.

This is bad. I was beginning to get used to him being gone. This can't be. I don't want him to be gone. Without a doubt, I knew I liked him. Very much indeed. Just the thought of never seeing him again, made the tears press on. "Minho please. I need to talk to you. I can help you" I tried again, but the result was the same. I just wouldn't give up. He can't be gone. He just can't be. I wouldn't believe it. I refused to.

I sat in the basement for hours. I skipped the whole school lessons that day. And even the few next days. But I didn't care. Even without anyone noticing, I kept going down to the basement and wait for his reply, but it never came. The weird part is, I didn't even see the ghost girl. She was no where to be found either. Did every ghost in this school leave? But of that's the case, what about the closet? Was that gone too? My curiosity took over my body and I stood up and walked to the old wooden door. I grabbed the door knob, but the door was closed. I even kicked the door, but it wouldn't budge. Well, at least that didn't change.

The next few days, I kept going down to the basement and tried everything to get that door open. But everytime I tried, the result was the same. No budge at all. The teachers even noticed me and I got punishments for my actions on the door. They called it; School Violence. I didn't really care. All I cared about was to get inside that room. To get to the closet. To find the ghost girl. To find Minho. The luck wasn't on my side.

Days, weeks and months past by without a sign of Minho or the ghost girl. I skipped many classes in the try to get in contact with Minho. Even though I haven't seen him in that long time, I never stopped trying. I just refused to. I almost got kicked out of school because of the classes I missed. It didn't happen that way though. I antended the classes, but didn't really pay attention. Just like I was before I met Minho.

A year had passed. I was at home. "I'm going for a walk" I said to my mother. "Don't stay out too late" my mother answered. She had become much more calm around me going out late. She's not that overprotective mother anymore. I walked down the street and without noticing, I was hedding in the direction of my school. Maybe I was just drawn to it. I was about to walk past it, but then I heard someone call for help. It sounded like it came from inside the school. I looked at the building and saw a figure in one of the windows. The window was open and I thought that maybe it was that person who wanted help.

Without really thinking about it, I walked to the front door and went inside. Weird enough, the alarm didn't go off. I went to the hallway which leaded to the room where I saw the figure. For my surprise, the figure was now standing in the hallway. I couldn't see who it was. It was too unclear. "Are you okay?" I asked the figure. It rand cold down my back, when the figure suddenly got completely round glowing eyes and a big white glowing smile. Then I remembered, "T-t-the ghost girl!"

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