Divine Dance(Rasaleela)-Part 10

The significance of Rasaleela


1. Rasaleelaa a holy communion

Lord of yoga praised in hymns and songs

adored and worshipped

by kings and sages

breathed scriptures in the sweet notes of flute.


Physical passions subdued

eternal love experienced

Rasaleela had sanctity highest

on same par with yoga.


The duality merged in unity

Rasaleela the manifestation of superior love

mystic in nature secret in essence

a magnanimous holy communion.

to be understood in faith and reverence.


Rasaleela the symbol of sweetness of love divine

the crowning glory of deep devotion

an absolute absorption of minds

in supreme Lord as soul mate.


Rasaleela a divine sport

to build faith and spiritual strength

elevation of gopis minds in particular

humanity in general.


Within and without

all around and in every thing

gopis' single minded vision of Krishna

blessed the fusion of hearts.



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