The Wonderful Life Of Moi

this is basically my diary. so yeah. i'm posting it on here cuz i don't like journals. and my friends say that my life could make a good story so yeah. this is Michelle. she is just an average girl at her local middle school. she has a tragic past but keeps it all behind her most of the times. she has the bestest friends in the world, but she thinks they don't think of them that way. remember this is kinda like a diary so if you get bored just stop reading it. since it is a diary i will be trying to update daily. if i don't get to it, i will try to. and i would probably end up skipping a day, but hey some people have lives too and they need a day off or so, well, yeah. enjoy!


2. April, 3

Today was a little worse than yesterday, In math Ms, Guidi rearranged all of our seats. which really stinks because before i sat with my best friends, or i call ourselves, "the math class crack-ups". Me, Paula, Nitalia, Brian *squee*, and Cody all sit at that table. Then she had to go and move everybody. :( Me and Brian talked a little bit today again, it was nice. mostly it was about school and stuff, but still it was nice.

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