The Wonderful Life Of Moi

this is basically my diary. so yeah. i'm posting it on here cuz i don't like journals. and my friends say that my life could make a good story so yeah. this is Michelle. she is just an average girl at her local middle school. she has a tragic past but keeps it all behind her most of the times. she has the bestest friends in the world, but she thinks they don't think of them that way. remember this is kinda like a diary so if you get bored just stop reading it. since it is a diary i will be trying to update daily. if i don't get to it, i will try to. and i would probably end up skipping a day, but hey some people have lives too and they need a day off or so, well, yeah. enjoy!


1. April, 02

OK, so today was fine considering the fact that my group in science decided to change what our project was going to be AGAIN. first it was a cartoon, then it was a song, now it's a puppet show with the song! i absolutely have no say whatsoever because i'm just a girl. i expect that from Matt, but Gio and Aidan too? unbelievable.  besides my stupid science group, i had a pretty good day! And Brian even talked to me! squee! Oh, you probably don't know about Brian because i haven't told you yet. He's my crush and one of my best friends. He's like my only guy friend, which stinks. He has short light brown curly hair, and these beautiful bright blue eyes, *swoon*. I used to get along with him very well until i made the mistake of telling my "friend" Bonnie that i liked him. she told him and things were awkward from then on. i was hoping he had forgotten about it, but then on the bus ride home from a field trip i let something loose and he found out AGAIN. he still talks to me but probably only out of sympathy or something of that sort. i'm not even sure he considers me girlfriend material, if he ever has. i really like him and i think he might like me too, because he never said anything about liking me or not when it slipped out again on the field trip. anyways, yesterday me and my best friend of five years kinda had a BFF break-up. like me and my best friend had a fight and now we're not best friends anymore. and it was over a stupid subject too. i told her all of my secrets, we did everything together and now she's gone. i believe she went over to "the dark side". the dark side consists of Fantasia  Samantha, Bonnie, And all of their little followers. ugh. i almost want to say to fantasia that she was named after an oldDisney movie, with dead dinosaurs, a wizard version of mickey mouse, and evil fairies!!!!!! i mean who would want to be named after that!!!??? she is such a conceited  lying, snobby, b***h!!!! and i can't believe they just took Sophia like that!!!

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