The Truth Shall Set You Free

If there is someone in this story that is rude or mean, I just needed a person to fill that character. I have no issues with anyone on the Bieber Team.


3. The Truth Comes Out

Elizabeth's POV
So I talked to Justin two nights ago. I'm actually glad I did though. I miss him. I was kidding when I told him either I really do, but I can't go back, not yet. Alfredo is still there. 
Before I could finish speaking Austin started crying. 
Elizabeth: shoot!
I got up and walked into his room.
Elizabeth: how's my big boy doing?
Austin stopped crying and looked over at me. He started laughing a little and it was music to my ears.
Yes, Austin is the reason I left. I was two months pregnant when I left Justin. I know I should have told him and stayed, but it would have broken his heart if Austin looked like Alfredo, which he doesn't thank God. He's like a little mini me in boy form. :) that's why I'm scared to go back. Alfredo is Austin's father. And no, before you go there, I didn't cheat on Justin. Alfredo raped me. It was one night that Justin wasn't there, I thought of Alfredo as a friend. How could a friend do that!
Anyway. Austin is 13 months old. He's very smart, or that's what the doctors tell me. He can walk around a little. He falls down a lot though. It's cute. I live with my parents, and I'm grateful they didn't kick me to the curb when I told them I was keeping my baby. They didn't like the choice at first, but I think they're fine with it now. I do feel bad sometimes because I'm 19. I should be in college making my parents proud. Daddy says he's proud of me being so strong. I think my mom has a tough time with the whole thing still. They both think I should tell Justin. I really want to, but I know him. He'll only come running to me. Tell me how sorry he is even though he can't do anything about it. He'd probably stop touring to come and help me, but I don't want him to do that. His fans-- excuse me-- beliebers need him. 
I was making Austin a bottle of milk when my phone rang.
Justin<3 (yes I still had his number saved and just pretended I didn't last night.)
"Answer it you idiot!!! You know you want to talk to him!!" My mind told me.
Elizabeth: hello.
Justin: hey! What are you doing?
Elizabeth: *i can't tell him I'm making a bottle of milk....* oh the usual.
It's not a lie. I usually make bottled for Austin;)
Justin: like what?
Elizabeth: *shoot* just hanging around my house. What about you.?
Justin: oh nothing.
I could hear the smirk playing on his lips.
Elizabeth: what are you up to?
Justin: nothing I promise.
Elizabeth: okay. Whatever you say.
Just then the doorbell rang.
Elizabeth: hold on.
Justin: okay.
I put my phone down on the counter and walked to the door. I opened it a gasped.
????: did you miss me baby?

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