The Truth Shall Set You Free

If there is someone in this story that is rude or mean, I just needed a person to fill that character. I have no issues with anyone on the Bieber Team.


4. The Stranger

Elizabeth's POV:

????: did you miss me baby?

I just stood there a second, thinking about my options. If I slam the door, he'd just stop it. If I stand there and talked with him, wait I don't think I could do that. If I invited him in, NO. I definitely couldn't do that! So I guess it's slam the door! But my mouth deceived me.

Elizabeth: what do you want that made you come all the way across the country Alfredo?

Yes. Alfredo was at my door. No. I did NOT want nor need him there.

Fredo: awh baby doll. Don't be like that. You know you missed me. *he smirked*

I rolled my eyes.

Elizabeth: what have you been smoking that makes you think for even half a second I'd ever want to see you again?

With that I tried to to slam the door, but just like I thought, he stopped it.

Fredo: what's wrong baby? Mad at me for not coming sooner?

I was about to answer when I heard a noise from the baby monitor behind me.

*oh great. Austin's up and I'm still dealing with this little prick standing on my-- well my parents-- front porch.*

Alfredo looked behind me confused for a second before the smirk returned.

Fredo: what was that?

Elizabeth: absolutely none of your business thank you very much now you can leave and never come back. Byee.

With that I slammed and LOCKED the door.

I heard him banging on it begging me to open it again and talk with him, but that would never happen. Not in a million years.

I went upstairs and got Austin, brought him down, and started making him a bottle. I picked my phone back up.

Elizabeth: I'm so sorry. This random creeper keeps coming to the house and I had to get rid of him.

I laughed softly trying to make it sound like no big deal... Guess that didn't work.

Justin: what? No! Call the cops now. I don't want my baby getting hurt!

I froze.

Elizabeth: baby? What do you mean baby?!

Justin: crap. I'm sorry Elizabeth. I keep forgetting we aren't together anymore. It's just.. This has been so hard on me.

*oh. Of course he wasn't referring to Austin. That would be stupid. He doesn't know about him!*

Justin: are you okay.?

Elizabeth: oh yeah. That guy is just still banging on the door. How about we talk some other time okay?

Justin sighed hard before agreeing.

When I got off the phone and was about to go back upstairs, something Alfredo said caught my attention.

Fredo: I know you were pregnant Elizabeth! I know you keep our baby! And I just want you to know before I leave, that I told Justin. He's only calling you to see for himself and the minute he fines out is the minute y'all will never talk again. I told him you cheated on him! But whatever. I guess you don't care. I'll tell him that too. Don't worry.

Elizabeth: *opens the door* what did you say?!

Fredo: *smirks down at Austin in Elizabeth's arms* I knew it. Now let me in to get to know my baby boy.

He said while reaching his arms out towards Austin.

Elizabeth: *jerks Austin away* never in your sad pathetic dreams would I ever let you touch MY child.

I closed the door again, but yelled through it, after covering Austin's ears first.

Elizabeth: now go the fuck away!

I'm not one for that type of language usually, but I can't stand him. Thinking he could just do that to me, and now waltz back into my life, trying to be a good father.

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