The Truth Shall Set You Free

If there is someone in this story that is rude or mean, I just needed a person to fill that character. I have no issues with anyone on the Bieber Team.


2. Strange Night Phone Calls

Justin POV
Its been a year and a half. More than a year, and here I am; sitting with my friends wishing that my baby would come back. God I miss her so much. Elizabeth never told me why she was leaving. I don't understand; if it was so hard for her to leave, why do it. I know she had her reasons, but I wish she would've told me. That's it! I'm gonna---
Ryan B: dude! What's wrong with you? You look so depressed.
Chaz: he's probably thinking about Lizzie. *he smirked*
Justin: only I can call her that Chaz. *i was starting to get mad* can't y'all just leave me alone?!
Fredo: chill man! Hey wanna play some video games or something.
And there he goes. I love Fredo and all, but every time someone brings Elizabeth he always changes the subject. Like he doesn't want to talk about her. Weird. 
Ryan B: sure, anything to cheer the ole biebs up. 
He jokingly hit me in the arm.
Justin: I'm gonna go out for some fresh air actually.
Fredo: okay, but we'll be playing when you get back.
I walked outside and looked up at the night sky. I looked at the moon. "To the left 3. Down 4. That's our star. Okay? Look at it when I'm not here, and you'll feel closer to me." I remember that night. She told me that when we had gotten back from a date. The date where I told her I loved her. I still do. I haven't loved anyone else. Yeah, I've dated.. Like Selena, but I never did anything with her. I didn't even tell her I loved her. 
Usher: yeah I know man.
He pulled me out of my thoughts. He's the only one who knew about our star. Other than us of course.
Justin: where do you think she is?
Usher: I don't know, but you just gotta remember she had to have left for a reason. I knew her and I knew she loved you. She wouldn't disappeared on you like that if it was nothing. But you should probably go back in and get some rest.
Justin: yeah, okay. Just, give me a minute?
Usher nodded before heading back in. I pulled my phone out. I don't know what I was thinking. I'd tried calling her before, but she'd never answer. "One ring, two ring, three ring, four ri--where's the fourth ring?"
No. I'm tricking myself. She couldn't have answered.
There it is again. I pulled the phone away from my ear just to make sure.
Justin: I can't believe you picked up.
Elizabeth: oh. Hey Justin. How are you?
Justin: well I could be better y'know.
Elizabeth: yeah, I've seen you on the news. Are you okay?
Justin: yeah I'm fine.
Elizabeth: Justin. We dated fora little over 2 years; I think I know when you're lying.
I could see in my mind her tilting her head over to the right. I smiled to myself.
Justin: it's just. Our anniversary is coming up, but we aren't together anymore, and it makes me realize how much I miss you.
Elizabeth: I miss you too.
Wait, what?!
Justin: you do?
Elizabeth: you think it was easy leaving you Justin? No, it was the hardest thing in my life.
Justin: then why'd you do it?
Elizabeth: Justin..
I could tell she was telling me not to go there, but I wanted to know. I HAD to know
Justin: lizz-- Elizabeth if it was so hard then why do it to you and me?
Elizabeth was about to reply when I heard Fredo behind me say..
Fredo: Is that Elizabeth?
Justin: yeah why?
Elizabeth: who is it?
Justin: just Alfredo.
Elizabeth gasped, but I ignored it for now.
Fredo: can I talk to her?
Justin: uhm.. We were in the middle of a conversation right now Fredo, maybe some other time.
He rolled his eyes and turned away. He looked....angry I guess is the word.
Elizabeth: *whispers* is he gone?
Justin: huh? Oh yeah babe he's gone. Crap.. Sorry.
Elizabeth: oh. It's fine I guess. Uhm... I have to go. Bye Justin.
With that she was gone. She didn't even let me say goodbye. I walked back inside and started walking to my room.
Fredo: that ended quickly.
I turned around.
Justin: yeah, she said she had to go and then just hung up, but whatever.
Fredo: oh. Cool. Next time.. Can I talk to her?
Justin: yeah.. Sure.
This is getting weird.
Justin: well goodnight.
Fredo: night.
Strange night.

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