More Than A Crush

Is it posible to fall in love at first sight?

How about wanting to do the person, who was your crush ever since middle school?

Is there only one way to find out, if your crush likes you back?

One thing is for sure...

This is more than a crush!


1. You know I love you...

He was in the skaterpark again, together with his friend. I've been watching over him, ever since we entered the same high school. Actually he has been my crush ever since middle school. I guess I looked like a total stalker at that moment. I was hiding behind a bush, just watching over him and only him. His friend was invisible to me. Does he even know I exist? Sometimes it doesn't seem like it. 

My name is Kim Kibum by the way. I'm 18 years old and obviously a boy, who's acting like a love crazy fangirl. My crush is the one and only Kim Jonghyun, who's a year older than me. Yes, our lastnames is the same and I can't stop thinking that, it's a sign. I know it sounds crazy, since a lot of people have that name, but when your in love, many weird thoughts keep running through your mind. I've even imagen how our children would look like. How sick is that? We're both guys for God's sake. 

Anyway I didn't do anything that day, but watched over him. I'm to afraid to even talk to him. What if I confessed and he rejected me? My heart would be crushed and I couldn't let that happen. I know, I'm a scaredy-cat, but I can't help it. It's only when it's about Jonghyun I'm scared. I'm the kind of guy, who can walk up on stage and dance a girly dance, while wearing girly clothes. But when it came to just be near Jonghyun, my knees felt like they were going to melt. My heart started to beat so loud, that I was afriad he could hear it, even though he was that far away from me. The power of Cupid, huh? 

I met my friend, two years older Lee Jinki, at the school gate the next day. He knew about my crush and sometimes made fun of me, but don't get me wrong, he is actually a really sweet and supporting guy. Even though he's older than me, he's more immature than I am. He's pretty clumsy too, but also a very talented singer and he knows how take care of others. He's a good friend. Most of the time he listened to my problems and tried to help me out as much as he could. 

We walked to the school building together, when we heard someone call out for us. "Dubu hyung! Key hyung!" We both turned around and saw our little inocent Taemin run towards us. "Taemin ah" Jinki said with a smile. I smiled at him too. Our little Lee Taemin. Of course he doesn't like to be called that, but I just can't help it. He's two years younger than me and a very good and supporting friend too. Even though he's very supporting, he needed support from us often. This little inocent boy needed help from us a lot of times. But he still studied hard and tried to do everything by himself and never gave up. It's almost unbelievable how this little inocent boy, dared to talk to total strangers, when I was afriad to talk to someone, I at least know the name of. Because of that I felt even more like a coward. 

Because of the age gab between all three of us, we didn't attend the same classes. We only got chances to meet in our breaks. I didn't attend the same class as Jonghyun either, but with his friend I did. We're at the same age, but I'm older than him by months. Did I mention that this school is a weird private school? They have classes according to which year the students are born in and we have to wear school uniforms. I hate uniforms. I don't think they suit me at all. I like to wear my own clothes, because that's more, what to say, me. 

I like fashion. No, more corectly, I love fashion. I could spend hours, just shopping clothes for the next day. But lately I haven't been shopping a lot because of my crush. I couldn't help it, but stop by the skaterpark everyday after school, to watch Jonghyun. Sometimes my friends went with me, just for fun. Or...Jinki did it for fun, I think Taemin has a little crush on Jonghyun's friend, who's name I don't know. Shows how much I care, huh?

"You know what I've heard?" Taemin said happely as always, as we walked to the school building. Both me and Jinki looked at him, waiting for him to continue. "I've heard that Kim Jonghyun, from year 1990, is holding a party at his place saturday night" he said. I think my heart skipped a beat right there. A party, but who was invited? It seemed like Taemin didn't know, so I guess it was only for the students of the class from year 1990. Too bad...I really wanted to go, but I don't think I would get anything out of it. I wouldn't even be able to talk to him, only watch him from afar. I sighed as we entered the building, finding a huge crowd of students, heading for their classes. 

I separated from my friends and headed for my class. A party at saturday night. Was it really only the students from year 1990, who were invited? Taemin isn't the best to get information, so maybe he didn't hear it all. Well, since I don't have the guts to ask Jonghyun, then maybe I should ask his friend, he most know. I enteret my classroom, looking around and found him sitting with his head in his notebook, writing something down. I took a deep breath and walked over to him, "You are friends with Kim Jonghyun from year 1990, right?" I asked, looking down at him. He looked up at me and actually looked like, he just saw, a stranger talking some weird language to him. "Why do you ask?" he asked me, leaning back in his seat. "Do you know him or what?" Maybe I sounded a little to harsh, but this brat shouldn't be talking down to me, when I'm older than him. 

He sighed, "yeah, I know him, why?" he finally answered. "I heard he's holding a party this saturday...", "Your not invited" he interrupted me. I went silent. "Look, those he doesn't know, is not invited, since it's a private party. Don't take it personally" he said and again digged his head into his notebook. I walked to my own seat in silence. Well I got my answer, but I was hoping for another answer then what I got. I sat down, feeling the disappointment in my heart. Maybe I shouldn't have had those huge hopes. Then a new thought crossed my mind. What if it was only him, who didn't want me to the party? What if I asked Jonghyun and he said yes? Wait a minute...a-ask Jonghyun? My heart beated a bit faster in nervousness. I can't ask him. I can't even get close to him. 

That day after school, I walked to the school gate, when my friends caught up with me. "Are you heading for the skaterpark?" Taemin asked. "You know me to well, don't you?" I answered him with a smile, like I've just lost a game. "I knew it! I'm coming along" he said a bit excided. "I'll pass. You guys go ahead" Jinki just said and headed home. Both me and Taemin walked to the skaterpark and just as I thought, Jonghyun was there again today with his friend. I stood by the same bush and hided like a coward once again. Taemin didn't hide like I did. He wasn't afraid or shy at all. "Hyung, why are you even hiding? Doesn't that make you look stupid?" He just asked and looked at the boys skating. 

Jonghyun's tall friend saw Taemin and told Jonghyun. They both looked our way and I hided, making sure not to be seen. "What are you standing there for? Come down here!" I heard Jonghyun yell friendly to Taemin, who turned towards me, "come on hyung, they want us to go down there" he said with his happy voice, grabbing my wrist and pulled me with him. "W-wait..Minnie!" I complained as he dragged me all the way to the others. He stopped in front of them and they looked at us. I just felt like dying, when I saw Jonghyun standing, only inches from me and even looking at me. I couldn't even look him in the eyes. "That's him from ealier" his friend said. "So you're the one, who wanted to come to the party at saturday", Jonghyun said not as a question. I gulped and nodded slowly and embarresed not to look at him. 

Taemin let go of my hand, "Minho sshi, will you learn me to skate?" he asked so straight forward. So Minho was the friend's name. "Sure. Come on" he said with a soft voice and they both went to the ramp. Me and Jonghyun was left behind, being all awkward. I fumbled with my fingers, still not able to look at him. "About that party.." he began and I raised my head a bit, not looking at him directly. "Do you want to come?" My heart stopped for a second. He seriously asked me to come along? For real? " you?" I heard he asked again. Crap, I'm taking too long to answer. Quick say something! "Eeh...s-sure.." mumbled nervous. "You little friend is also welcome" he said gently. My body shivered by the sound of his voice. This is huge. I've finally spoken to him for the first time. "Wanna stay and hang out?" he suddenly asked and because of my cowardness, I bowed to him and said, "m-maybe next time" and then ran off, leaving him stunned. 

I sure am a coward. He finally spoke to me, even invited me to the party and then I didn't have the guts to stay and hang out with him. Kibum you coward! It couldn't be helped now. I already ran off, heading for my home. I even left little Taemin behind. Of course he can find his way home by himself, but still. When I finally reached my home, I went straight to my room, laying down on my bed with a big sigh. At least I got invited to the party I wanted to go to. Saturday is the day and there's only three days left. Oh, how I wished those days pasted by faster than they did. As that wasn't enough, the school didn't help. It only made the days longer. 

For my surprise, saturday came faster than I expected. The day before I went shopping clothes for that day. I spent the whole day, just to figure out what to wear. At saturday I spent at least two hours to do my hair. Am I doing to much out of this? I'm going to a party at my crush's house, who personally invited me. Beside Minho, I think I'm the only one from my year, who's going to that party. It makes my legs shiver. I looked once again in the mirror, to see if anything where missing or if I needed to redo something. I wasn't quite satisfied with the results, so I did it again. I spent another hour and realised I had spent to much time on this. I rushed out the door, heading for Jonghyun's house. Of course, before I didn't know where it was, but Taemin told me, since he got invited too. 

I reached his house and saw a lot of people from year 1990 and some who didn't attend the same school as me. I walked inside and looked around. People seemed to have fun. I even saw some of them eating each other on the couches. And because of my sick mind, I pictured me and Jonghyun laying on the couch, eating each other up. Suddenly I saw Taemin sitting in a chair, playing a game against Minho. I walked over to him and leaned on the back of the chair, "hi Minnie, having fun?" I asked him. He looked back at me with a big smile on his face. "Indeed I have" he said and we both heard the others cheer. We looked at the screen and saw Minho had scored. "That's not fair, I was talking" Taemin complained. "That's no excuse" Minho laughed. "One more time" Taemin said and they started another round. 

I stood by for a while before walking further in the house. People were dancing close, almost raping each other on the floor. I haven't seen Jonghyun ever since I arrived. I wonder where he was, when I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder, "so you came after all" I turned around and saw Jonghyun standing right in front of me with a big smile on his face. My face, on the other hand, turned completely red. "I was afraid you wouldn't show up" he said or more precisely yelled, since the music was so loud. Come on Kibum, say something. I ended up just nodding. "Here, take a drink" he said and handed me one. I accepted it without hesitating. I didn't dare to do that, since I was afraid to offend him. He dragged me to one of the couches and made me sit down right next to him. My heart beated faster than ever. I felt like I was close to a heart attack. I hope I'll survive this. 

Hours went by and to calm myself down, I had drunken a lot and also got pretty drunk. I was even able to lean on Jonghyun while we sat next to each other, enjoying the party. "Wanna dance?" He suddenly asked me and without hesitating I agreed to. We ended on the dance floor, dancing crazy, close to each other. We didn't really had a choice either. There was too many people on the floor. Suddenly some one bumped into me and I landed in Jonghyun's arms. He looked at me and I at him. Both our smiles disappeared and he bend down and softly pressed his lips against mine. It felt like my heart was about to pop out of my chest. He pulled back and looked me in the eyes and then I saw how much lust there were in his eyes. Then he dragged me upstairs, into a room with a disk, a chair, a closet and a bed. His bedroom maybe? 

He threw me down on his bed and placed himself above me. "J-Jonghyun...what are you-", he placed a finger on my mouth, "just...don't say anything" he said and replaced his finger with his lips. He carefully stoke my hair, while licking my lips. Without even noticing, I automatically opened my mouth and let him enter. His tounge rubbed against mine. He was totally playing with my tounge. My mind went blank and I was in total bliss. One of his hands stroked down my chest and up under my shirt, feeling my skin. As he reached my nipples, a moan escaped my mouth. He pulled back and kissed down my neck. I breathed heavly and didn't know where to place my hands, so they ended grabbing the sheets.

He slowly opened my shirt and at that moment, I sat up and pushed him back. "J-Jonghyun..why...why are you doing this?" I asked, looking at him. He looked at me with lustful eyes, which made me gulp twice. " you believe in love at first sight?" he asked me with his soft voice. What does he mean? Perhaps he...? No way! "Jonghyun...what do you.." I paused, looking at him. He took his shirt off, exposing his muscular chest. My heart beated faster and harder as my head turned red. He took my hand and placed it on his chest. I could feel his heartbeat. He beautiful heartbeat. It beated so fast. "You are in here Kibum" he said and I looked at him, wanting him to continue. "Ever since middle school, I've seen you've been watchng me from afar. At school and even at the skaterpark. I didn't see you completely since you were hiding, but I knew you were there. Three days ago at the skaterpark, when Taemin dragged you out from your hiding place, something in my mind just clicked. I shivered down my spine and my heart beated like there was no tomorow. I fell in love at first sight" he whispered and a tear dropped down my cheek.

He used his thumb to wipe away my tear. "Jonghyun...I've been secretly in love with you ever since middle school, but I was to scared of you rejecting I hided and just watched you from afar. You have no idea how much I wanted you to do me" I said blunt and looked at him. He was quite surprised over my sudden confession. "Kibummie...then allow me to do you right now" he said and made his forhead touch mine. I made my hand stroke down his chest as I answered, " me." He kissed me roughly and pushed me down on the bed. He continued to take off my shirt, until it was completely off. He stroke his hand down my chest and then bend down to lick my nipple. "Ah~" a small moan escaped my mouth. I tangled my fingers in his hair, while my body shivered from his touch. He kissed me down my body until he reached my waist. 

He carefully placed his hand on my private area and stroke carefully. My back bent as it shivered down my spine. He slowly unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down along with my boxers, leaving my comepletely naked. Because of the alcohol, I couldn't blush more than I already did. He bent down and started to lick the base of my member. He licked from base to top, making my back bend once again annd my whole body shivered. "J-JongAAHH!" I moaned as he wrapped his mouth around it and rubbet his tounge against it. "Ahh~...Jonghyun-ahhh.." I panted as he sucked it. He sucked it hard for a second and I felt like cumming already, "J-Jong-ahh-hyun...I feel like aah~..cumming.." I panted and he stopped right away, taking it out of his mouth. "Don't cum without me" he whispered with his horny voice and pulled his own pants off. 

When his boxers got off, I couldn't help myself from starring at his. He was hard and it was so...big. "Your drooling" he said and wiped it off. "I ehh..." I didn't know what to say. "Don't worry...I'll put it in right away" he said and got ready to put it in before I stopped him. "Jjong...I'm not prepared" I said scared. He stroke my hair, "Kibummie..I can't wait any longer. I want you right now!" I couldn't resist his lustful eyes. "Put it in" I said blunt and he smirked, getting ready. I took a deep breath before he slowly pressed his member in my entrence. "AAHHH!!!" I let out a loud moan as I felt the pain. When it was all in, I caught for my breath. "You okay?" he asked me and I nodded, "I-I am" I panted. 

Some seconds past and he began to move slowly. I felt my body shiver once again. I felt the pain mixed with pleasure. "AHH!" I moaned as he hit the right spot. "Ahh~..Jonghyun ah..right there!" I panted and he started to move faster. I moaned everytime he hit that perfect spot. My mind went blank and I fell in a total bliss once again. He grabbed my waist and thrust it harder and faster inside me. "Ahh..ahh..AAHH~..!" I moaned as I came on my own chest. He thrusted faster and filled my inside with his cum. He fell down on top of me, catching for his breath. I could feel his heartbeat against my chest. I did it. I finally did it with the one I love. He kissed me soft and fast before laying down beside me and put the blanket over our naked bodies. I looked at him and he at me. A smile appeared on his face as he carefully stroke my cheek. "I love you Kim Kibum. Ever since I saw you for the first time" he said with his sweet voice. I couldn't help but smile and cuddle myself in to him. "I love you too Kim Jonghyun. Ever since middle school" I whispered. 

Some how I can't believe this. My first and only crush ever since middle school, loved me back. It's even more than I imagened. Okay...I imagened us havng sex, but I never knew it would feel so wonderful like this did. It was my first time and yeah, my butt hurts, but because of the pleasure, I didn't mind. I've watch him ever since middle school and looked like a total stalker or some wild animal looking for it's pray. The truth is  was the pray and he was the wild animal who finally got the pray he wanted. To be honest, I don't know if this was love ur just lust, but one thing was for sure....

This was more than a crush!


The End


Aouther's last (and only) words: I finished the oneshot whish was requested from my close friend. This oneshot is longer than any chapter I've made before, but I wanted something like that...and not with short chapters.

Well I hope you liked this little JongKey smut ;)

See ya next time :D

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