The Writer and The Actor and The Big Apple

This is a fan fiction I wrote for one of my best friends and queen of the Hiddlestoners Emily (Emsx on here). Its for her nineteenth birthday! :) Happy Birthday!! :)

Emily has just left university and has the oppertunity to interview for an internship at Vogue in New York. Journalism is her passion and writing is all she has ever wanted to do. She loves movies and books and Tom Hiddleston!

We follow her from her first steps in the Big Apple as she embarks on the biggest adventure of her life. Get ready for laughs, love and dreams coming true...


2. The Date


True to word Tom phoned halfway through the next day. I was sat on the huge kingsize white sheeted bed with my laptop in front of me writing an article about coming to New York. My phone sat next to the television on the dark wood table. It made me jump out my skin when it buzzed. I had slid out the bed and grabbed the phone, and pressed answer.

His dreamy voice came through "Hello?"

"Hi Tom" I said cheerily.

"Hows the Millenium?" He asked

"Amazing. I have a great view up here" I said going to the window and peering through the double glazing to see skyscrapers half way up and the maze of streets below. "Its a great place to write. Where are you staying?"

"A hotel just down the way" Tom answered "The New York Marriott Marquis"

"Sounds fancy" I said.

Tom laughed "It is" A pause "I was wondering if you wanted to meet for lunch about one ish"

"Sure" I said my heart then skipped a beat "Where shall I meet you?"

"Your foyer. I'll be by the doors" He had said "See you soon, Emily"

He clicked off and I did a happy dance which I'm ashamed to admit, especially when I saw myself prancing like a lunatic on happy pills in the mirror. My grin much too large for my face, red as a tomato and with as much energy as twelve cups of coffee. Which believe me I have felt before when I was behind on my Southhampton assignment once after an unassigned premiere. It's good till after the caffeine has peaked then you just zonk out like I did in class till my friend Sammy jolted me awake. Which then reminded me that I should email her. Five minutes later after the phone buzz I emailed her about Tom and with many !'s and happy faces.

Now I'm dressed in a black and white spotted dress with my favourite red cardigan with black dolly shoes. My brown straight hair down round my face and a little lip gloss on my lips. I smile in the mirror, give a little twirl and grab my bag before heading out. I take the elevator and my stomach does little flips. It feels like butterflies are fluttering in a cage in my stomach. I feel a bit sick and over excited. I'm on a lunch date with the most amazing man on the planet.

As I exit the elevator I see Tom waiting at the end of the foyer leant against the wall dressed in blue jeans, a white shirt and in one hand against his shoulder he holds a black leather jacket over his back like a man in the 1950's. His blond curly hair seems like a golden halo in the bright artifical lights and he runs a hand through it.

Taking a deep breath I start towards it and my eyes intstantly tunnel towards him. He's the only thing I see and my heart starts pounding so hard I think its going to leap out my chest. I get closer and he looks at me, his adams apple bobs up and down. His eyes take me in in one look and his face lights up in a smile; his eyes crinkle. Pushing away from the wall he holds out his hand and I reach for it. I feel his hand, tingles run up my arm and I close my fingers on his warm skin.

He leads me out the foyer into the warm city air. I squint at the sparkly buildings in the bright sunlight and he pulls me towards a cab. Expertly he hails one down and we get in. He pulls open the shutter glass and says "Central Park, please" in that alluring voice of his.

The cabbie nods his head and hits the gas. The cab lurches forward and we are transported into the flow of midday traffic. I watch the city life absolutly mesmerized and even the dirty back alleys with over filled trash dumpsters cannot ruin this moment. Through the mazes of streets we see little stands of newspapers and hotdogs making me think of Carrie in Sex and The City. I see grand shops and cafes, resturants. People in casual, suits and designer walk amok in the streets as busy as ever, some carry coffee and a paper whilst others shopping bags or brief cases. We stop at traffic lights and I watch them change from red, to amber to green. I see the little man change to red and green with a illuminous sign saying "Don't" and "Walk" like in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Then we are running through the maze of streets again till a vaststretch of green comes into view like in some futeristic world they left a piece of the old world to preserve and monitor. The trees glow an strong emerald and the cream paths appear almost white in the light. The cab stops with Tom's command. He pays him in dollar cash then looks at me and takes my hand before helping me out onto the sidewalk.

His face lights up and I melt (almost literally the sun is so hot). "Come on" he says "I bet you've never had lunch in Central Park"

"I've never been in Central Park full stop" I say and pull out my 60 style white rimmed sunglasses and place them on "I'm ready"

He laughes and walks me in through the cream walls and wrought black iron fence into the park of paradise. As we venture further I realise that its like anther world like a preserved fairyland and I think of books I've read where fairies, princes and princesses have been here. In one I remember ther being a portal to another world under one of the lakes. Some of the trees are knarled and old, some of the fences are twirly and intricatly carved as if by eleves and the grass is so green its as if little creatures have painted them. Its stunning. The walkway we walk down is a dusty greyish path lined by a little black fence with old fashioned street lamps and trees which seemd to encase it all the way down making the sunlight pouring down from above speckle the ground.

A childish rushing wave of excitement runs through me and I break away from his hand and skip for a few yards taking in the view and smelling the fresh sweet air. I twirl round and round; my skirt flows around me. I spin and start running towards the end where I find a large round giant fountain with rushing water and pinky red bricked path running round it filled with people milling around. A glorious sparkling lake runs alongside a few yards away and rowing boats float past with electric model boats from the kids. I look back at the fountain, several shaped platforms high on a decorative pillar with an open winged eagle on top. Water spills down from under its wings splattering onto each platform and running down towards the centre meeting the rushing water to disappear underneath the pillar somewhere.

I dip my hand in the cool water and stand on the concrete rim where I see other people sitting on. I throw my hands in the air and turn around to see Tom stood there watching me. He had a deep grin playing on his lips and I laugh "I'm here" I shout. "I can't believe I'm actually here!"

Tom smiles "Yes" As I spin round again I hear him say "Be careful"

"I'm fine" I tell him "Come join me"

He shakes his head and stands up next to me. His body is close, my heart jumps and I feel a rush which makes me giddy. His eyes watch me closely and I glance at the fountain. "Isn't it beautiful?" I whisper.

"Yes" He said his voice more throaty, deeper.

I look at him realising he's not watching the fountain but he's looking at me. Naivety steps in, I tap him on the shoulder playfully "The fountain? Your not even looking at it"

He glances at it, his gaze dragging from me "Yeah its okay" he shrugs. "If your into that sort of thing"

I laugh, he's so funny!

His eyes gaze at something behind me and I notice how intensely blue they are in sunlight with a hint of gold. He's beautiful my mind tells me and I nod once agreeing. His eyes watch me again "Ever wanted a new york hotdog?" he asks

"Like forever"

"Okay" he exclaims jumping down.

I go to jump and his hands reach up. I place my hands on his shoulders, his hands go to my hips and he lifts me down to the ground again. His hands are still on my hips, my hands have slipped to his chest and is it my imagination but has his heartrate sped up. Must be the jump I think. I can hardly believe that I, Emily Pontin has made him feel that way. And then his hand reaches up and almost absent mindedly pushes my hair behind one ear. I watch his face, searching for answers and then his lips brushed mine. Slowly I ran a hand through his curly hair, it's soft and unruly, and my lips part feeding the hunger I collected since I first seen his real face. His hands held my shoulder blades crushing me into his body and the kiss deepened. My first real kiss! And with Tom Hiddleston! I could hear Sammy's voice in my head saying 'Score!'. I smiled inbetween kisses and like the girls in old movies rested my head against his shoulder when our lips parted.

Eventually I leant back, his eyes watched me seemingly deeper and his hand trailed down my arm leaving a trail of intense heat; his fingers entwined in mine. He turned and lead me to the hotdog stand. He buys me and himself one. I smother mine in ketchup and he does too. Then we sit on some steps near the fountain and eat in silence for some time.

Then he says "Whats the one thing you've always wanted besides the internship to Vogue?"

I stop munching and think. The truth is I don't want anything, everything I ever wanted is right here with me and everything I wanted to happen is. Then I'm struck down by the thought of my favourite movie, Breakfast at Tiffany's and then I know the answer. "Breakfast at Tiffany's" I answer with a smile on my face.

Tom looks slight confused, his golden eyebrows drawn together and that instense gaze is faraway trying to figure it out "You mean the movie?"

I laugh finishing my hotdog and wipe my mouth with the napkin. "No the jewlerry store. You can have breakfast there. Ever since I watched that movie I dreamed of having a bagel and coffee there. Its a small dream but its a huge deal to me. Its what I wanted to do since I got here" I sigh and lean back in the sun. "What about you?"

"Well" he starts his eybrows jump and down; small lines crease his forehead characteristically. "I just wanted to have a good time, a break" When I nod he continues "But I really want to see a Broadway show"

"Which one?"

He rubs his chin in thought "Let me think. Um Mamma Mia or Chicago preferably but any show would be amazing and a priveledge. They act so well. I have so much respect for them doing it live without takes..." he launches into an inspirational story and I ball my fists and rest them under my chin; my elbows dig into my knees as I listen. "...I'd like to improve my stage craft and do a show again, live" he finishes. "Like I did in college"

"Why don't you?" I ask curiously

He laughs "I'm busy doing television stuff at the moment but when I can I will definatly"

I smile and he does too catching my eye. I feel his hand cup the back of my neck, my breath hitches and his lips press against my lips. I curl my fingers round his and he helps me to my feet.

He leads me down another path filled with beautiful green and golden leaves. Then another with pink blossoms like a disney movie and I smile leading him into a dance without music. His hand heats my back as he carresses it and his other hand holds mine as we sway before launching into a series of spins. I throw my head back laughing and his eyes devour me. As we reach the end near a pond and wind round another path with a few benches, a man is playing a guitar on one and he smiles at us before launching into a soft but upbeat melody.

Tom leads the steps and I follow, only ever having jived before this felt foreign and strange but not unpleasant. He stepped out, I did to, he stepped in, so did I and then he whirled me round faster and faster, dipped me backwards then up again. He spun me round so fast I was surprised I didn't get dizzy. I found his eyes beseeching mine and I felt still there despite the rapid movements we were doing subconsciously. His eyes flicked to my mouth then my eyes and then we kissed again. This time lightening striked my heart and an instense rush like from a rollercoaster surged my veins on fire. I drowned my hands in his hair and forgot everything for one moment.

Breathless and much too soon our lips parted. His fingers found my hand and our fingers intwined instantly as if we had done this forever. Our bodies left each other and he pulled out a twenty from his pocket before placing it in the mans case. The man smiled and winked at us before we left him and his wonderful music behind.

Five minutes later we came to an edge of the park, one of the longer sides by the looks of it. I saw carriges with white and brown horses awaiting by an entrance. As if reading my mind Tom lead me towards them. He stops a white horse bridalled with black blinkers and leather straps that connect it to an old fashioned white and red velvet seated carrige. He pays the man and helps me in the old fashioned way before climbing up himself to be seated opposite me.

The horse's hooves start clopping the path and the carrige moves. We trot down the paths and through the blossoms again. I gaze around my mouth slightly open as I ride round Central park. Theres a large green picnic area filled with people sat or laid on blankets, a huge lake and a small pond, lines of old and young trees down paths and of course the eagle fountain. There is so much different shades of green its like emerald nature city. There are bridges over the lake which we travel over and I see vines lacing the side and interconnecting the old grey stone. Its amazing under the blue sky, I look up, there are no clouds just a vast blue ocean. The bright circle in the sky glitters the leaves below and sheens the futeristic city that surrounds it making it seem surreal and beautiful all at once. I realise that I would love to live here so I could wake up and see this scene every day.

I grin at Tom "Thankyou, Its"

Tom laughs, deep and shy. "Your welcome"

The ride stops eventually, where we started and Tom departs. He turns round holds a hand out, I take it and climb down. We pat the horse goodbye and wave to the man before exiting the park.

"So what did you think?" Tom asks

"I never want to leave!" I say excitedly.

He takes my hand laughing which he seems to do so much in the day I have known him. We walk round the park and we enter a cafe to grab takeaway funnel cakes with coffee. We sit on the tweed seats outside to devour the cakes and slurp our drinks. Then we are walking round going back into the shiny cement city. I see so many shops and we enter a few. There so sleek with white glittering floors and mirrored white walls. Clothes sit on rails and shoes on glass shelves. Bags are piled to the ceiling and jewlerry in special secure glass cabinets. I'm like a child in a candy store and have no idea where to start. I wander round the stores with Tom following me like a long lost boyfriend and I suddenly find out what I'm missing. Shopping with a guy is actually kind of fun. I have never done it before and truth be told Tom is my first boyfriend, I guess, if we are a couple that is. I had always been too obsessed with making it I never paused to get to know guys.

I see a vintage style white dress with a flowy skirt and I beeline towards it. Snatching it from its rail fixed to the wall I place it against myself, I have such a weakness for dresses and this is no exception. I turn to Tom, shrug innocently and say "I'll be five minutes just gotta try this on"

He smiles and leans an elbow against a load of hangers holding leather jackets on a three way rail. "Sure" he says and I run into the dressing rooms.

Shutting the silver curtain I slip out of my polka dot dress and slip into the silk cotton dress that pulls in at the waist with beads and flows out around my thighs. Its pretty and makes my brown hair stand out. I do a twirl making it fly out round me and adjust the elbow length sleeves to just above. I have to buy it and so I change back into my other dress, back to plain ol me. Then I exit the dressing rooms and skip out carrying the dress over my arm. When I see Tom I can't help but grin especially when other girls are eyeing him too so I grab his arm and make my way to the tills. I pay for the dress and we walk out, me carrying a designer carrier bag in white and him with his hand wrapped in mine.

He walks me back to my Hotel after we had dinner in an Italian resturant and takes me in the foyer. He stops and so do I. He smiles and his blue eyes are on me again making me blush. I can't help but smile, today has been brilliant and I can't help but be a little afraid it will never happen again.

As if on cue he says "I want to see you again, Emily" He smiles again, his face serious "What about you?"

"Oh Tom, I would always want to see you again" I whisper almost speechless and with the rush of excitement he brings I'm usually more chatty. "Today has been great, Thankyou"

His face lights up and he hugs me, his arms are strong and gentle all at once. I breath him in, he smells of fresh soap and pine. I feel his breath on my neck, warm and soft. "What will you be doing tomorrow?" he asks

I lean back "Um, Tommorrows Tuesday, Interview Wednesday so I think I'll be prepping for interview"

"I'll call you sometime" He said "And let me know how it goes after"

I nod "Will do"

He kissed my cheek goodnight, glanced at me once, I waved and he left out of the glass and silver doors. Taking a deep breath I walk back to my room and I feel my phone bleep in my bag. I dig it out to see an email from Sammy, she replied back, her first line OMG about six billion times.

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