The Writer and The Actor and The Big Apple

This is a fan fiction I wrote for one of my best friends and queen of the Hiddlestoners Emily (Emsx on here). Its for her nineteenth birthday! :) Happy Birthday!! :)

Emily has just left university and has the oppertunity to interview for an internship at Vogue in New York. Journalism is her passion and writing is all she has ever wanted to do. She loves movies and books and Tom Hiddleston!

We follow her from her first steps in the Big Apple as she embarks on the biggest adventure of her life. Get ready for laughs, love and dreams coming true...


1. The Big Apple and The Meeting



And so I have made it.

I am here in New York. This perfectly sculpted city full of life, lights and dreams. Its even better than on my television screen back at home in England where I watched movies such as Breakfast at Tiffany's, Sex and The City and New York I love you, and daydreamed in the characters shoes. The buildings are so huge they stretch up to points in the sky, shiny windows sparkle in the sun and lights flash on the huge screens on Times Square.

People bustle the streets streaming through streets going about their usual lives as I stand there gawping with my suitcase next to me, clutching my chanel looking bag. Yellow taxis run through the streets along with the other sleek looking cars and I immediatly can't wait to hail my fist cab. The city is so big, The big Apple kind of gives it away I guess but compared to lil ol' me, its a giant. I am completely in awe at its sheer beauty and excitment of oppertunities.

Oh yeah I think this is where I'm meant to be.

Two years ago I could only imagine being here. I had applied to Southhampton university, got in and started my magazine journalism course. I had studied hard, visited premieres, fangirled over actors especially Tom Hiddleston and wrote so many articles to fill another portfolio. I was graded A's all throughout and received a distinction when I graduated. My tutor had told me after graduation of an internship at a top magazine in Vogue and I applied. I never expected anything back but out of the blue I was invited to New York for an interview all expenses paid except travel of course and here I am now, in New York about to fulfill a life long ambition.

I took in a deep breath of sweet city air, hitched up the handle of my suitcase and rolled it to the edge of the pavement or sidewalk as they called it here. I thought back to the movies and stuck my hand in the air. I tried making eye contact with a taxi driver but none stopped. Not a good start. I thrust my hand in the air and tried waving one down.

Five minutes later I was ready to give up trying when a hand appeared in front of my face and successfully hailed down a taxi. I huffed about to make a sarcastic remark until I glanced at the face in which the hand belonged to, and then it was hard to breath let alone make any remark. My brain couldn't register any coherent thought or command my mouth to form words, normal words like Thankyou.

Its him, Tom freaking Hiddleston, not a poster, the real freaking 3d version with skin and breath and everything! my brain rambled.

It was him indefinatly, Mr Tom Hiddleston the man I had only dreamed of. The man I was obsessed with. He was only three years older than me, twenty five and yet he seemed timeless. He had longish blonde curly hair that ran in perfect messy waves about his head. His strikingly blue eyes seemed to see inside me and when he smiled that perfect smile with straight white teeth, his high cheekbones lifted making his eyes crinkle in a cute way. His pale skin never seemed too pale, I decided and was always smooth as an immortals. Stubble ran round his lips in a neat way and along his hard set square jawline. I took in his tall lean frame dressed in dark blue jeans, black shirt and shiny black shoes; my heart found its beat again.

He seemed to laugh at my dumbness "You okay, darling?"

Shut up, Tom! I'm going to die my brain screamed I've stopped beating my heart told me and I felt all gooey and mushy on the inside. I managed to nod. "Mmm-huh" I forced out my mouth like word vomit.

He touched my arm, I stared at his hand "Good, You look as though your about to faint" he told me "Do you need to sit down? The taxi can wait, I can hail another, its no problem darling"

I closed my eyes feeling light headed, maybe I really was going to faint and it had nothing whatsoever to do with neasea. I nodded again.

He smiled again pulling me into those blue eyes before tapping the taxi roof making it shoot off with an annoyed driver. "Do you need to be anywhere soon?" he asked in that alluringly bristish accent of his, kind of soft and firm at the same time.

I swallowed as he grabbed my suitcase for me and my bag full of portfolio work to show vogue on one side before guiding me with one hand on the small of my back towards a starbucks. The door opened for us as another couple came out and a guy held it open as we glided through.

Tom led me to a chair at the back. Warm upholstery cushioned my back and the smells of coffee and sweet things filled my senses. He put my things under the table as best he could and leant forward. "I'm going to get you something for the neasea" he said and disappeared.

I watched him waiting behind a big lady dressed in pink and black. I'm having coffee with Tom Hiddleston. I needed to text my friends, they were going to be cyked but right now I wanted to see how this played out. Vogue can wait. My interview was in three days anyway and even though I can technically check into my hotel I'd rather finish whatever this is with Tom first.

He came back with two styrophome starbucks cups and handed one to me. He undone the lid and steam rose up through whipped cream and marshmellows. Hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmellows was my favourite drink, I stared at him in a strange way.

He laughed in that way of his "What?"

I shook my head somehow finding words "This is my favourite drink" I said

He raised his eyebrows "Really? Well I'm glad I managed that and I hope it makes you feel better" he said then he asked "Whats your name? You sound British"

"Emily" I said nodding "I come from Dover in Kent"

"Nice to meet you Emily. I'm Tom " He exclaimed " And Ah Yes with the port and the castle, I know it"

"I know" I said tyring to contain my bubbling excitement "I've known your name the whole time"

He frowned slightly in an almost confused "Care to elaborate, Emily?"

"I'm a huge fan of your work. Ever since 2001 from The life and adventures of nicolas nicklesbury to casualty, Surburban shootout and my personal favourite Wallander" I explained "Don't worry I'm not crazy" (more to convince myself than him)

He stroked his chin in thought "I see" he said at last then smiled "Well I thankyou, darling, much appreciated. What do you do for a living?"

Some how it came easy and I told him the story of my writing and movie addiction. The premieres I had been to, cinema trips and then about graduating Southhampton university four months ago. I explained about Vogue and the black case was my portfolio full of lifes work. He sipped his coffee, nodded in places and his eyes never left me; he seemed genuinely interested. "And so they paid for my hotel and living expenses for this week and then I'm back home to dreary Dover. But I wanna do so much sighhtseeing and do everything until I have to board that plane"I finished. "Its my dream to live here, all I wanna do is write"

"Can I see your work?" He said softly, his blue eyes beseeching mine.

"Um, yeah sure" I said reaching down to zip open my case. I brought out a pile of printouts of articles and essays. "Heres a few from Southampton and also what I did in my spare time from unassigned premiere visits, I don;t know how good they are or anything..."

He picked up the pile and began reading.

I sipped my hot chocolate and lapped up the marshmellows. I was so glad not to have braces anymore and didn't have to worry about pieces getting stuck. I watched him as he read and couldn;t stop, he was so damn mesmerizing.

Quite a few minutes later he had finished and set them down. His eyes flicked to mine as I held my breath waiting for his verdict. The corners of his muth tugged at a smile "I guess I'm now a fan of your work, Emily" he said softly.

I swear If this seat wasn;t underneath me I'd be on the floor. "What?" I blurted

Tom laughed "Really! They are very good especially about Wallander" he picked up the paper with the article and thats when I remembered what I wrote; my cheeks flamed "Where you write 'Tom Hiddleston plays a very convincing role as Magnus Martinson, I dare say he is a new British male icon in the female society and...'"

I attempt to snatch the paper away from him but instead end up tripping over my suitcase and falling straight on my face. The carpet digs into my skin and my fingertips curl into the fibers trying to dig my way under earth. Then like a monkey on steroids I start laughing uncontrollably and roll on my back. Tom is knelt beside me an amused grin on his face and then suddenly I'm serious and slap my hands over my face hiding my embarressment.

"Its not that bad" Tom says and I hear the laughter in his tone.

I take my hands from my face and glare at him "Not that bad!?" I splutter "I'm dying here, the earth swallowing me whole would do me a favour"

Tom grinned trying to contain the laughter I can see making his chest flutter and then he could take iut anymore and let it out. He leant an elbow on the table wit a fist against his head. "Your funny, Emily." He leans forward and holds out a hand to me. "Here, darling let me help you up"

I take his hand and jut my bottom lip out in a childish huff before I start laughing again. He pulls me up and I found my feet again to resume my position opposite him. "Thankyou. I'm such a clutz as you can see" I gabble "Honestly"

"Its fine" Tom says still half laughing.

My cheeks are flaming when I take inventory of all the faces staring at me, a little girls stare lingers slightly lonmger than the rest and I finish my drink. "I think we can never show our faces in here again, Tom" I whisper smiling.

Tom smiles "Not in here but in many other places"

My breath holds, he wants us to go other places, does this mean we're going to see each other again?

His eyes catch mine and the intense blue seems to penetrate my soul and uncover my thoughts. "So where are you staying? I'll walk you back" he asks

"Oh the Millenium Broadway" I say "And you really don't have to do that, I mean I'm sure you have things to do and stuff"

Tom shakes his head. "I don't have much to do, its my holiday, a break from filming for a couple of weeks" He takes my suitacase as I take my portfolio "And besides I want to hear more about you"

So we walk along the busy streets like two long lost friends catching up after a seemingly long time and I feel bubbly like I'm wlaking on clouds. I feel as though I'm carrying a giant neon sign pointing at him and saying 'I'm walking with Tom Hiddleston People!' but of course he muct come here to get away from all that. I tell him about my life, the good, the bad and the plain ugly. He listens, frowns at the sad and smiles at the good. I tell him everything up until now and I ask abut his life. He tells me about the colleges he went to and RADA. He then goes in depth about his childhood and I realise that we are not that different we both love movies its just he loves to act and I love to write yet he admits he wishes he could write a film script and has tried a few times. I listen hearing the soft lilt in his voice only described in one word, Tom. I decide listening to him speak is like hearing a lullaby especially when he elaborates on a story that I get so lost and feel so calm as he guides me through it.

All too soon the shiny foyer of the Millenium Broadway comes into view. I turn round with my back to it and slowly take my suitacase back, our skin brushes and lightening strikes my chest with an intense heat. Inwardly I gasp and pull up the handle ignoring it. I take adeep breath and glance up at the giant sleek hotel building "Well this is me" I breath.

Tom nods "Yep" he holds a hand out "It was nice meeting you, Emily"

I take his hand "Great to meet you too and Thankyou so much for helping me"

He nods awkwardly almost unsure of what to do. He runs a hand through his curls and rubs the back of his head. "Well I better be going, have a great stay" he says and slolwy walks away.

Feeling deflated like a lead balloon and strangely anticipated I turn and start to wheel my suitcase to the silver and glass doors. They open to an elaborate red and gold patterned foyer with cream wa sculpter walls with archways made of mirrors and flowers sat in a vase against one. I see the gold and cream reception desk with women and men in glamourous navy and white suits sat at computers. Porters run amok with guests suitcases on the gold wheely carriers and people collect keys. I begin to wait behind a couple checking in for a week too. I open my handbag and delve into it searching for my papers when I hear fast pounding footstepps behind me. I turn, no way I think as I see Tom rushing towards me, sweat beading his forehead and a slip of paper in his hand which is sure enough from Starbucks.

He stops just next to me as I gawp at him again. He's breathing heavily and he hands me a pen from his pocket. "I-I decided to do it, take a fans number" he breaths "To hell with rules, I want the girl who fell over in starbuck's number"

Wordlessly I scribble my number down and hand it to him. "You ran all the way to Starbucks?" I question raising an eyebrow.

He nods breathing hard "Yeah I wasn't going to but-" He shrugs "-I wanted to"

I smile "Its fine, Tom, honest. I'm just as surprised as you are. This trip is turning out to be more than a fantasy" My eyes tearing up in happiness. "It's more than I thought would ever happen to me"

He smiles sincerely "Call you soon, Emily"

Then he nods once and leaves.

Dumbfounded I stare after him as he walks out and disappears through those silver and glass doors. Then I smile, turn around and check in after thr couple leave. I feel like a moviestar and my stupid mouth can;t stop grinning even as I follow the porter to my room, watch him unload and when the door shuts behind him as he leaves.

This is the best day ever.

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