The Writer and The Actor and The Big Apple

This is a fan fiction I wrote for one of my best friends and queen of the Hiddlestoners Emily (Emsx on here). Its for her nineteenth birthday! :) Happy Birthday!! :)

Emily has just left university and has the oppertunity to interview for an internship at Vogue in New York. Journalism is her passion and writing is all she has ever wanted to do. She loves movies and books and Tom Hiddleston!

We follow her from her first steps in the Big Apple as she embarks on the biggest adventure of her life. Get ready for laughs, love and dreams coming true...


3. Prep and Interview


I woke up around eleven after dreaming of Tom, corny I know but hey its not everyday a dream actually comes true. Its not everyday your dream crush as in celebrity not the guy on the football team, who after meeting the sane you wants to get your number and go on a date with you. I'm living someone else's life, some one amazing and beautiful and totally not me. Its weird that its actually my life and I am living it and the one man I dreamed about for so long has walked into my life. And he looks at me like a diamond, like I'm the only girl in the whole world. He's such a gentleman like in the old movies I watch and as handsome as a prince in a Disney film.

After Breakfast I go through my portfolio and speak out loud with what I'm going to say with questions I expect to be asked.

"Why do you want it?-"

                                        "I have wanted to be a journalist my whole life...."

"Why specifically Vogue?"

                                               "Vogue is a haven of oppertunities and is my dream magazine to work with..."

"What qualities do you possess to suit this role?"

                                                                             "Passion, friendliness, Integrity...."

A few hours later after this I begin writing stories and the article I started yesterday trying to take my mind off my jangling nerves. I can't stop thinking about the interview. A series of annoying failure scenarios play about my head followed by some good only to be shot down by the bad. Another hour later I am stressed. So I start watching the Disney Channel and then after flicking through channels start watching a marathon of Friends on comedy central just to try to ease my nerves.

At about six o clock I order chinese and am just about to eat when my mobile rings. I pick it up, smiling as I recognise Tom's number and answer. "Hello?"

"Hi Emily. Its Tom" He says

"Hey, how are you?"

"I'm good. Hows the prepping going?" Tom asks

My nerves jangle erasing some of my hunger "Um, nervous but I think I'm prepared"

"Aww you'll be fine, darling" Tom reassures me "You want this and your going to get it"

"Thanyou" I tell him "And thanks for being so supportive. I'll let you know as soon as I'm out of the room, pray for me I may die"

He laughs at my joke "Your gonna be Amazing, darling. You've convinced me that you've wanted it your whole life, convincing them with your words will be easy especially when they see your work, Show them the one about how I'm a male icon in the female society..."

"Hey, when I wrote that I never thought I'd meet you so quit teasing" I joke wishing I could scold him in real life. "Its a matter of opinion"

"Indeed and I love yours" He says

I giggle and say "You should definatly write that screenplay you wanted to do. You are a great storyteller"

"I may do when I have time" Tom tells me "I'll just write basic notes for now. Goodnight Emily"

"Night, Tom"

I click off.

I ate my chinese by seven, stuffed the containers in the trash and retreat to the bathroom to wash my face. I brush my teeth and comb through my hair before swapping my dress for baby pink pajamas. I click out the light and dive into the covers to try and catch some Z's.

The next day.

The alarm bleeps.

I slap a hand down cutting it off.

Its Wednesday, I think with a mix of mutual dread and excitement.

Slowly I roll out of bed and make my way to the window. I push open the curtains to reveal another sunny day. Traffic is rife on the streets, black, white, yellow and red veichles run the tarmac maze. Moving away from the window I make some coffee and sip it sitting on the bed. This is it I think and then I feel sick. Its the first day to the rest of my life and I'm going to be caffeine buzzed and alert for it. I won't miss a minute.

Placing down my mug I shower then begin to change into my white blouse with frills running down the buttons and place on my navy blue big white cuffed elbow length sleeved blazer. I squeeze into my nazy pencil skirt and brush my teeth. I then brush through my hair, blow dry and twist it up in to a professional looking bun. I push my feet into little black heels, pick up my bag from the side and grab my portfolio before exiting the room. I glance at my phone I have half an hour to get there and I race towards the elevator.

It pings on the last floor and I run through the foyer and hail a cab (Successfully much to my surprise and I feel I should tell Tom this news). I tell the cabbie where I'm going and he steps on it. The car lurches and I just about manage to text the message. The cab seemed to swerve and beat traffic before it came to a stop outside a large grey building with gold writing saying Vogue Magazine across the top of the doors. I pay the man, say my thanks and ease out of the veichle.

I stare up to the pinpoint in the blue sky and at all the flashy windows before stepping through the doors into a white, sleek, gold shiny haven. I approach reception and tell them why I'm here. The made up girl smiles and phones someone. She tells me to wait so I sit on one of the coloured plastic seats against the opposite wall. Fashion magazines are splayed across one small table next to me and around the walls are issues of Vogue and pretty pages of models and fashion with articles I could write. I pick up a Vogue magazine and start to read about the summer line when a woman with a pink suit and an earpiece interrupts.

"We're ready for you now" She says and my stomach drops; my nerves electrify.

"'Kay" I manage and stand.

I follow her to the elevator and up to twelth floor. She guides me through modern painted white corridors to a round desk. I feel like I just walked straight onto the set of Ugly Betty and half expect Betty herself to come out of one of the round arches and glass panels. She leads me into an office at the end and through the glass panels I see a woman with white hair wrapped about her head with red glasses and lipstick. She's about fifty if I had to guess and was dressed like she was thirty in a red dress that showed off her skinny figure maybe to show she was not yet past it.

The woman knocked on the door before opening and ushered me in.

"This is Emily Pontin, she's here for the journalist interview." She announces before slipping out shutting the door behind her.

"Hello Emily, I'm Merida" Merida says and gestures to the red chair in front of her for me to sit, I figure she likes red. "Come, sit"

"Hello" I say my face heating up or is it hot in here. I shake her hand before being seated. I'm so nervous my hands are sweaty and my mouth is as dry as sand. "Pleased to meet you"

"Okay pleasantries over lets skip to the nitty gritty shall we" Merida said strictly and pushed her glasses to the end of her nose staring at me with glassy grey eyes making me feel like as small as a chipmunk. "Lets begin the interview"

Half a gruelling hour later I escape the dragons den a little burned but alive. Merida was tough and could make a leaf shake without wind. I managed to answer all her questions with the answers I had prepared and shown her my portfolio which she raised her eyebrows with what I hope said 'I'm impressed'. I take deep breaths remembering I have to wait to hear back in the next two days and plant a smile on my face as I leave the building after travelling twelve floors.

The cool air soothes me and I decide to go for a walk after the ordeal. I wander through Manhattan carrying my portfolio and eventually through the streets I find the edge where the water is and where Miss Liberty stands in her green finery. I stroll down towards the boating area and end up sitting on a small white boat with other tourists. The boat groans and starts off sloshing water as it goes towards Miss Liberty. I pull out my sunglasses which match my outfit then watch Manhattan wrapped in glittering beauty roll by.

We arrive at the island twenty minutes later and I follow a que to exit the boat. It sways slightly and I grab the side. My sea legs seem to have desserted me today. I exit after an old woman in a white dress over the wobbly board onto the island and make my way to the foot of the statue. I stare up at her. She's emerald in the sun and the flames are bright like a beacon of light. I walk round the base and take pictures with my little camera.

On the way back round I see someone familiar. Heat jumps in my veins and my heart beats faster. Its Tom, dressed in a white shirt and blue jeans. Leaning against the wall he's looking out over the water at Manhattan. Then he checks his phone before placing it in his pocket again. He wanted me to call him but I have a better idea.

I start towards him praying he doesn't turn around and start creeping almost animatedly like in Scooby doo. Then I can't help myself and hope he thinks its a kid running by when I start sprinting towards him. I drop my portfolio behind him and wrap my hands over his eyes. I feel his muscles tense and when I laugh I feel him relax again.

"Guess who?" I say

"Hmmm" He pretends to think "Scarlett Johanson?"


"I give up" He laughs and his hands pull mine down. He spins round to face me, his hands still hold mine against his chest. His hair is shining like a halo about his head and I quickly kiss his lips.

"Its me" I say excitedly

"Thats even better than Scarlet" He says, his eyes drink me in even as he picks up my portfolio they never leave me. "What did they say?"

"She was like a dragon. It was so intense I had to go for a walk after and ended up here" I tell him "Merida her name was. She seemed impressed by my work and I answered everything how I practiced so hopefully I get it. I find out in two days"

"Brilliant" He said and kissed my forehead. "I'm keeping everything crossed for you, darling"

I make a nervous/hopeful smile "Thankyou"

We walked round the statue for a bit before going back into Manhattan. We grabbed lunch in Macy's and Tom walks me back to my Hotel. We talk about movies and television. Then switch to musicals and actors before my hotel comes into view. He kisses me goodbye and just as I'm about to go inside he says "Get some sleep, I have a surprise for you tomorrow"

"What is it?" I ask.

He grins micheveously and his eyes light up. "You'll have to wait and see"

I smile shaking my head and laugh. "Oh man now I really want to know"

He waves before turning on his heel and blends in with the moving crowd. I wave too and head into the millenium, back to my room where I play a guessing game about what his surprise is...

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