Trapped by Troublemaker

Lee Taemin is the new kid in school.
At the very first day he spilt his lunch on the tall and handsome yet scary Choi Minho and comes in big trouble.
Later he finds out, his mother is getting remarried with the school president, who's father to....


4. What's wrong with him?

That night I couldn't sleep. No matter how much I tried I kept remembering what happened. Did he really kiss me? Or was it just my imagenation? I ran my finger over my lips. It couldn't be an imagenation. It felt to real. Why did he do it? Was he just teasing me? Or did he mean something about it? Everytime I thought about it, my heart beat faster. I get this strange feeling inside me. I knew he was sleeping in the room next to mine. Was he really asleep? Should I check on him? I shook my head. Pull yourself together! Stop thinking about it. Just acted like nothing happened. What if he brings the subject up? How am I surposed to forget?

The next morning I woke up and went downstairs. My mother wasn't home yet? I went to the kicthen. "You're up?" I heard a familiar voice say. I froze. I turned around and Minho sat on the couch. That's right. He slept over for the night. I forgot. I looked at him with wide eyes. He stood up and walked over to me. I got nervous and gulped. He stopped a few meters from me "aren't you making breakfast?" he asked. "Hav-haven't you eaten yet?" I asked and looked away. "No...I waited for you" he said soft. I could feel how my face got red. Waited for me? Yeah right. "D-don't you remember? I can't cook" I said still not looking at him. He sighed "Then, what do you want to eat?" he asked and opened the refrigerator. "I-I don't c-care..." I mumbled. Why was I this nervous? Was I scaed or something? I haven't moved since I saw him sitting on the couch. I just kept avoiding his eyes. Suddenly he stood next to me. I looked at him "W-w-what?" I asked. "You're in the way" he said. "Oh" I moved and he started prepare breakfast. I looked at him and what he was doing. Did he even remember what happened last night? He hasn't mention it even once. Should I ask him? No! What was I thinking?? Why bring up that subject?

When he was done making breakfast we both sat and ate it by the table. Again at our own end of the table. And again I once in a while looked at him. But this time I made sure I didn't stare. He was done before me and took his plate to the kicthen and went upstairs. I was done some seconds after. I took my plate to the kicthen and went upstairs too. I opened the door to the bathroom and froze. He...He peed!!! "YAH!! GET OUT" He yelled and I slammed the door fast. I leaned against the door and had wide open eyes. It was something I shouldn't have seen. Now I'm dead for. I'm sure. I ran to my room and closed the door. While I changed my clothes the door opened and Minho stood there "Yah!" he said. He was a bit pissed. Now it was my turn to yell "YAH!!" I covered my naked upper body. "Can you knock before you enter?!?" I said. "Relaxe, we're both guys" he said and walked in. "What are you doing?! Get out!!" I said pissed, still covering my upper body. He stood in front of me "why didn't you knock before you stepped inside the bathroom?" he asked. Unbelievable. He just walks in my room without knocking and now he wants me to knock before I step in?? "But didn't knock yourself before stepping in here!" I said. He sighed "This is different. Before was the bathroom. It's normal to knock when you're about to enter" he said. "It's also normal to lock the door when you're in the bathroom" I said to defend myself. It obviously didn't help. "Couldn't you see the light was turned on?" he asked. "No. I can't see through doors" I said like it was obvious. "You're so stupid" he said "you could have looked at the switch." So annoying. Making me make up excuses. "Okay, okay. I'm sorry I just entered without knocking. Now can you leave my room? I'm changing here" I said. He just sat on my bed "Why do I have to leave then? You're a guy and I'm a guy. Do you think I haven't seen naked guys before?" he said with that stupid smirk of his. "But I feel uncomfortable when you're watching!" I said trying to get him out. "Then you have to take me out by force" he just said still smirking. How annoying. "Fine. Stay if you want to. But can't you at least look away then?" I asked. He layed down on his back and closed his eyes. "Fine. My eyes are closed. Happy?" he said. I hurried take of my clothes but when I was about to take on my underwear, he sat up and looked at me. I took them on fast "YAH!! I told you to look away!!" I said pissed. "You've seen mine and now I've seen yours. Now we're even" he said and stood up and walked to the door. On the way he slapped my butt softly. "See you at school" he said and walked out. I can't believe him. First kissing me. Then look at me while I change and now slapping my butt. What is wrong with him.

I arrived to the school on time. I met Onew at the entrance. "Hey Taemin! How've you been?" he asked happely. "I'm fine" I said and made a fake smile. I couldn't tell him about Minho becoming my brother-in-law. And especially not about Minho kissing me. I just hope Minho didn't tell anyone. "Do you want to hang out after school? I really want to see how you live" he said. I smiled. It sounded like a great idea. If I hang out with Onew, then maybe I would forget about Minho. "Sorry, he can't" I heard someone said. I turned around and there he was. Was he following me? "And why can't I?" I asked him. "Did you forget? Our parents are soon going to get ma-" I covered his mouth with my hand "AAHH ha ha ha...don't talk nonesense" I said. Onew looked confused. "Don't tell anyone about our parents!" I whispered to him. He pushed my hand away. "So you want our relationship to be a secret?" he said with a smirk. "What relationship?" Onew asked. "Nothing!" I hurried. I leaned against Minho "What are you doing?" I whispered. "If I can't tell anyone about our parents, then I'll tell them about us. Your choice" he whispered back. He really is a troublemaker. I was pissed. "Me and Taeminnie, are starting a relationship" he said and grabbed my hand. "It's nothing serious!" I said and got free of his grab. "See you after school, Taeminnie" Minho said with a smirk and walked to class. Onew looked at me "You're in a relationship with Minho?" He asked surprised "Yes...I's not what you think" I tried to explaine myself. "You know... Maybe that's not a bad idea. Think about it. If you and Minho dated, no one would dare to touch you" he said all excieded. "You're out of your mind. Me and Minho. As if" I said walking to the classroom. Me and Minho, together? Imposible....or maybe....

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