Trapped by Troublemaker

Lee Taemin is the new kid in school.
At the very first day he spilt his lunch on the tall and handsome yet scary Choi Minho and comes in big trouble.
Later he finds out, his mother is getting remarried with the school president, who's father to....


24. Trapped by troublemaker

(M rated for the adult mature)

(Taemin's POV)

It has already been a month since Minho told our parents about our relationship. Yungyeom is back to normal, which means, he's now happy all the time. He acts like me and Minho dating was normal. He actually said that he was happy that it was me Minho fell in love with. Of course I asked him why and he said it was because I was prettier than a girl, except my mom. Minho disagreed. He thought I was prettier than anyone. I actually didn't liked he called me pretty, but I didn't tell him. It wouldn't help anyway. Minho had finally accepted Onew, but he still doesn't want me to be alone with him. I don't know what he's afraid of. Nothing will happen between us anyway. I guess he doesn't trust Onew, like I did. The whole school now knows that me and Minho would have become brothers. They also know that me and Minho has some kind of relationship, but they don't know all the details. I wouldn't let the others tell them. 

Key and Jonghyun are together now. They look very happy together, even though they discuss all the time. But you can't discuss with Key, so in the end, Jonghyung always gives in. Everyone agreed that's for the best though. Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun is also together now. They look more like the lovely-dovely couple. Kyuhyun talks more than before, which makes Eunhyuk even happier than he already is. When I first met the gang members, I would never had thought, that they were all gay. Well...I didn't knew I would be either, before I met Minho. Same goes for him. He says, that there is something about me that turns him on and only me. No one else. He says, he's only gay with me. That makes me happy. I'm the only one he sees. 

I remember when I first met Minho. I spilt my lunch on him and he looked so angry, that I thought I was dead on the spot. I didn't know where I got my courage from to go against him. Maybe it was because I wanted to protect Onew, who was scared as hell. Minho says that it was at that very moment, when he started to like me and the feelings only grew stronger. He says that, the day after, he couldn't think about anything but me and that's why he kissed me that night we slept together at the same house, for the first time. My first kiss, huh? I remember it clearly. At the beginning, I was very shocked but when I started to like him, I felt warm inside just by thinking about it. I never thought I would....

"Taemin ah? Where are you?" I heard Minho's voice call out for me. "In here" I answered him. He opened the door to my room and closed it behind him. I laid in my bed, thinking about those times. I looked at him and he back at me. "Why are you laying here all alone? And without me?" he asked with that stupid smirk of his. "Do I have to be around you 24 hours a day?" I asked him with my smirk. He crawled down beside me on the bed and laid down, just looking at me. "You know I hate when I don't know where you are" he said. I looked at him, "you're still like that" I said not as a question. He rolled over me, so he was laying on top of me. "Minho...our parents might come up and see us" I said and carefully pushed him away, but it didn't help. "They know about us already. We don't have to hide it anymore" he said and kissed my cheek. "You know...tomorrow was the date of our parents' wedding day" I said, looking him in the eyes. He just smiled, "our parents are not going to get married because of us". "That's your mother's decision, which my father agreed to. Don't feel bad about it. It has been a month. They did it for our's sake" he said, kissing me again. I know I shouldn't be thinking about this, but I still have the feeling, that I ruined my own mother's wedding. I don't feel so much guilt, that I don't want to be together with Minho. I'm actually happy my mother decided not to get married to Yungyeom appa. We still live together as a family. Well...more or less. 

While we sat by the dinner table that evening, both my mother and Yungyeom appa stood up. Both me and Minho looked at them. "Taemininie, Minho know we're not going to get married, but we want it to feel like we are. So, for a week, starting today, me and Yungyeom will have a honeymoon at an island. Just the two of us" my mother said. "Does that mean, me and Taemin got the house for ourself the whole week?" Minho asked them. Yungyeom appa nodded, "yes. All by your self. But we don't want any accidents". "Yah, appa!" I complained while turning red. What did he think about us anyway? Well, he properly knows Minho and his perverted mind, but did he had to mention it? Minho just smiled and kept eating. "Appa, I can't promise anything" he said. Now my eyes was focused on him "Minho ah!" I complained to him. Our parents just laughed at us. "They really look like a couple, don't they?" my mother giggled. I sighed. Not my mother too. Was I the only one who didn't suit into this family? 

Our parents left later that night. So in a whole week from now on, me and Minho are alone in this house. It makes me kind of nervous. I've known Minho for a month and sometimes I still don't know what's going on in his mind. I wonder, does he know what's going on in my mind? I laid in my bed, reading. As always, Minho walked in without knocking and laid right down on the bed. I put the book away and looked at him. "Are you bored?" I asked him. He then placed his arm around me, "yes...keep me company" he said with his sleepy voice. "It sounds more like, your tired" I said. "I am" he just complained. Maybe I should tease him now. "Then I don't wanna do me?" I said and removed his arm. His head lifted right away and he looked at me, "I'm not that tired" he said and laid over me. "M-Minho...I was kidding!" I said nervous. "Now your not fair. I'm never to tired to do you" he said and kissed me roughly. I didn't do anything but followed his moves.

He took my shirt off in one go and kissed down my neck to my chest. He licked around my nipple, making me breath heavier. He took off his own shirt and kissed my mouth again. He licked my lips and I automatically opened my mouth, letting him enter. He placed his hand on my private spot and rubbed outside my pants, making me moan in between our kisses. "Your hard" he said and pulled back to look at me. "Shut up!" I said and looked to the side. He opened my pants and pulled them down fast. I looked at him and he at me. He placed his fingers around mine and stroke it carefully. I got goosebumps down my spine. "Taemin ah...I'm hard, I have to put it in now" he said and pulled off his own pants. "D-do it" I panted. Without letting go of mine, he placed his in front of my entrence, then put it in, in one go. I let out a loud moan, remembering our parents wasn't home. He started to move while stroking mine. "You' this possision" he panted. "S-shot u-up" I panted. He grapped my hips and moved faster. It felt so good and hearing his growls at the same time, I felt like I was going to come every second now. He moved a bit faster and pressed it deeper in. "AAHH!!...." I moaned as I came. Right after I heard his loud moan as he came inside me.

He felt down on top of me, breathing out heavily. He kissed me again and pulled slightly back and looked me in the eyes. "Taemin ah...I love you" he said, out of breath. I smiled and pulled him down to kiss him, "I love you too" I said. No matter what, I can't deny it. I am in love with him. I never thought I would get trapped by the troublemaker.


The End

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